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Letter: Jury nullification key to justice reform

Letter: Jury nullification key to justice reform


Are you tired of the USA being the leader in prison population -- (5 percent of the inhabitants of the earth and 25 percent of detainees locked up)?

The Geo Group and CCA earn millions per year locking up poor blacks, Latinos, and poor whites. And now, these for-profit companies can charge states and others for not having their pokeys 95 percent full (American Perspective, June 2015). So, the courts and law enforcement have an incentive to arrest victims for nonviolent crimes like possession and alcohol-related violations, costing taxpayers enormous sums of money.

So what can you do? Register to vote. But don't bother voting since most elections are rigged and hacked. ("If voting made a difference they wouldn't let us do it," Mark Twain said ).

We have at our disposal a method called jury nullification, which the judges and lawyers won't tell you about.

According to Wikipedia, jury nullification is a concept where one member of a trial jury can find a defendant not guilty if he or she does not support a government's law, does not believe it is constitutional or humane, or does not support a possible punishment for breaking the law. (A juror cannot get in trouble, by law, for doing this.)

Do your part, and be the change you would like to see.

Tom Keith,



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