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Letter: It's real

Letter: It's real

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Our Constitution is under assault.

Election fraud is real. How do career politicians get "elected" term after term without making any real difference for constituents? Are they so popular the people flock to elect them, or do they cheat?

While most people weren’t paying attention, career politicians, along with outside forces, created a government behemoth, controlling policies, imposing mandates that range from city, county and state, to the federal government.

Enter Donald Trump, winning the 2016 election. No one from the political left, or establishment right, thought he would win. There was election fraud in 2016, but it wasn’t enough to stem the Trump landslide. That was a mistake the establishment couldn’t allow to happen again. Forensic audits will reveal unprecedented cheating during the 2020 election.

Draw a word picture using the Star Wars trilogy as an example for readers to see the political tyranny in real-life America. The Empire controlled the galaxy by lying, intimidating, terrorizing and dominating citizens' lives. The star was protected by a ‘deflector shield’ against the Rebel Alliance. The fictional deflector shield is replaced in the real-world by fake news protecting entrenched politicians and their supporters. Enter we the people, to disable the deflector shield and eliminate career politicians, aka, the Evil Empire.

Our Constitution and election integrity is under assault from a modern-day political ‘Death Star.’ It’s time to take back our liberty and recognize what is happening is not fiction ... it’s real.

No election is safe until we correct fraud and restore our liberty.

Jeffrey H. Rice

Rock Island


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I think it is morally and ethically wrong that Deere & Co. is not making some sincere effort to reach an agreement with the union. Deere made $2.71 billion last year in net income. John Deere should quit catering to overly wealthy stock holders and do the right thing and get this contract settled.

I would like to add to comments on Bill Bloom's Oct. 5 letter. He has recognized how badly the media treated former President Donald Trump in his four-year term, compared with no criticism of President Joe Biden and, frankly, no news he provides back to us citizens.

We constantly hear the term "misinformation." What is misinformation? Is it information that is not true? Who decides what qualifies? Rejecting Russia collusion was misinformation, then it wasn’t. COVID-19 originating in a Chinese lab was misinformation, then it wasn’t. Defunding the police would not result in more crime, but it did. Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, then it wasn’t. The list goes on.

Not long ago, Bettendorf's Mark Twain Elementary students were temporarily schooled near high-trafficked Kimberly Road. Their parents raised understandable safety concerns. The school system addressed those concerns.

Democrats have sold out America by allowing and encouraging the invasion of illegal immigrants into our country. They use words like humanity, compassion, and our moral obligation to try to shame us because we believe in the Constitution and think America's poor and hard working Americans should come first.

Donald Trump's rally in Des Moines last Saturday was disturbing on many levels. Most of all, that major Republicans stood on stage with a liar and perpetuated the falsehoods about the 2020 presidential election. I hear Democrats complaining, but really, where are the strong voices? I'm not hearing them, and that is frightening to me.

Train service from Moline to Chicago will not be high-speed public transportation; at best, it will be a three-hour amusement ride. Want to take it as a feeder to O’Hare to catch a plane? Sorry, it doesn’t come within 20 miles of the airport. Guess you will have to take another train from downtown back to the airport and add an hour or two. Cubs, Sox and Bear games — now we are talking! This might make sense for maybe a thousand or so Quad-Citians in a year. And for the people who can afford $250 per night for a hotel room downtown, this might make for a memorable $1,500 weekend trip for the family for maybe another thousand folks.

The Davenport Community School District is broken, profoundly broken. It is broken on every level and from every conceivable point of view. Students, parents, teachers and building staff all know this; they feel it and live it daily. Our children are suffering in this environment. They are constantly the ones on the losing end of district decision-making. Davenport has failed them. Davenport continues to fail them. This failure is not the result of bad teachers, poorly behaved children or state interference. The district has failed because it continues to be an over-administrated and poorly run district that is led by careerists who neither work with, nor care about, our students.

The article, "Deere workers 'willing to fight'," (Oct. 15), used interesting language to describe the current UAW strike. At one point, the strikers were described as "union brothers and sisters," (not union members?), and in another section, passersby were honking their car horns in "solidarity" (not support?).

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