Letter: It's not Trump who's telling the lies

Letter: It's not Trump who's telling the lies


I’m getting a little tired of the often repeated statement by the Washington Post about President Donald Trump telling 10,000 lies.

At this writing, Trump had been in office approximately 2½ years or 943 days. He would have to tell at least 10 lies a day to get to 10,000. That would be a lot even for a Democratic politician. Trump is the first politician I can remember since Ronald Reagan who has actually kept his campaign promises.

So let’s look at some of these so called miss-truths. Trump said, “The unemployment rates for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans have all reached their lowest levels in the history of our country.” Glenn Kessler, the Post employee who compiles the list, called this a lie because the data only go back 50 years. Is this a lie?

Trump said, “The U.S. is the fastest growing economy in the world.” Kessler said this is a lie because the U.S. is only the fastest growing in the developed world.

Trump said his campaign was wire tapped. Kessler said that’s a lie because they do not tap wires any more. Yet, we know there were FISA warrants and they were listening.

Compare Trump’s exaggerations to President Barack Obama’s, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” or Hillary’s, “Benghazi was caused by a video.” The biggest lie I have heard is that Trump’s Charlottesville speech was racist. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Are we better off today than we were two years ago? I say, yes, and that is not a lie.

Jim Turner,

Fenton, Ill.


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