Letter: Iowa must shelter in place

Letter: Iowa must shelter in place


It’s clear from the responses I have received from Sens. Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley that they don't care about Iowans or human beings in general — but they do care about profits and power.

If the senators don't work toward a shelter-in-place order in the next few weeks, our hospitals will be overrun. Medical supplies and federal assistance are currently being doled out via a popularity and groveling contest, with clear favor being given to states that produce the most money and "loyalty."

Compared to other states, I don't think Iowa's state government has what it takes to get the supplies we need when up against the pandering groups in other states. With a large portion of Iowa constituents located in rural areas without access to decent medical care, the senators are set to lose the groups keeping them in office. I urge them to demand and enforce shelter-in-place now so we don't have to fight with the rest of the country over supplies that we should already have.

It is absolutely pitiful that one of our representatives doesn't see how the phrase "Chinese virus" is racist, and it is pitiful that appealing to the humanity of our representatives doesn't work.

If they won't do the right thing for the people, nation and world, do the thing that will help keep their supporters alive and them in the office that they love so much.

Christofer Houser



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