As an independent voter, I am sometimes amused by the dialogue and antics of the two major political parties. However, it often reaches a point devoid of humor.

Evidently the Republican Party’s prediction that Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his cohorts would immediately resort to raising taxes rather than spending cuts is coming true. The proposed doubling of the gasoline tax will probably bankrupt most Illinois gas stations within a half-hour’s drive from a border state. And I personally expect that the proposal to expand legalized gambling in the state will result in more hungry children, even in middle-income families.

As far as raising taxes for the wealthy, they are already paying more. If the tax rate is 10% for example, an income of $10,000 is taxed $1,000. At that same rate, an income of $100,000 is taxed $10,000.

People and businesses are already fleeing our state in large numbers because of already existing high taxes and other restricting factors. The proposed taxes will only increase the number looking for the exit.

John Rutledge,

East Moline


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