Letter: Illinois adds to tax burden on the poor

Letter: Illinois adds to tax burden on the poor


Most of us agree that people should be taxed by their ability to pay. The poor should pay the smallest percentage of their income, and the rich pay should pay a larger amount of state and federal taxes.

But the leaders of Illinois do the exact opposite of this moral concept. They pass laws that end up taxing the poor at a far higher percentage than the rich.

Note the doubling of the gasoline tax. Yes, I understand that the roads need to be repaired. But who will bear the burden of these taxes? In a year’s time, the rich (in their $80,000 new car) may only buy a few gallons more gasoline than the poor (in their $1,500 used car).

Then Illinois expands gambling. A quick look around any casino will tell you there are few, if any, multi-millionaires there. Yet you will see many gamblers who are drawing Social Security. You do not see the rich lined up to buy a lottery ticket. Legalized gambling, then, is really another form of tax on the poor.

Next it legalizes (and collects taxes) on the recreational use of marijuana. Again, the greatest percentage of usage (and thus the "taxation") is on the poor. Therefore, the rich pay a smaller amount (by percentage) than the poor.

OK, these taxes may be equal, but are they really fair? Are they just? Or are they only convenient? Shouldn’t the lawmakers keep their promise to tax the rich, the 1%?

Illinois, lift the tax burden from the poor.

Stephen Garrington,



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