Letter: Hidden monsters?

Letter: Hidden monsters?


Remember that classic science fiction movie "Forbidden Planet" starring Walter Pidgeon and Anne Francis? In the 23rd century astronauts land on the distant planet Altair IV to investigate why a previous expedition has disappeared. They find only professor Morbius and his daughter alive on the planet.

Morbius explains that an unknown force has killed the others and shows them the highly advanced city of the native long-dead Krell. It seems the Krell had created an incredible technology where they could just think something and it would materialize; but their unconscious minds unleashed hidden monsters that destroyed them all.

We humans are on the brink of repeating the same mistake of the Krell. Our advanced genetic engineering technology has hidden "monsters" that will also destroy us. The present situation with the coronavirus is a warning. There are genetically altered viruses in research labs around the world that are much worse than COVID-19. One little mistake and the monsters escape to devour us.

If we don’t ban all genetic engineering technology and destroy all bio-weapons, we will suffer the same fate as the Krell. The earth will have remnant artifacts of an advanced civilization, perhaps someday to be found by astronauts from another galaxy, and for them to ponder what mysteriously happened to the interesting creatures known as "humans."

Steve Virnig

East Moline


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