Are you confused? I certainly am confused. I do not understand how a person can have their picture in the paper, smiling from ear to ear, while being proud of killing babies.

I will tell you what I am proud of: it is the eight states fighting for the life of those babies. Those states (Utah, Missouri, Arkansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia) have the moral integrity to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Neither do I understand why, in Illinois, the legislators voted to make it easier to kill babies. They passed the bill reascending prohibitions on late term abortions as well as restraints for criminal penalties for doctors performing abortions.

With the lives of these babies under attack, we must do everything in our power to protect their rights. I am appealing to every Christian in Illinois to keep on praying that laws will be passed that will show as much consideration for the baby as for the mother.

Right now, the lawmakers in favor of saving these innocent children are in the minority. However, the people who want to protect them are in the majority. More importantly, our Creator favors honoring the sanctity of life from conception on.

As for legitimate health issues, few laws need to be enacted. As for made-up health issues, and a dozen other excuses, the Supreme Being of the Universe declares that all life is precious, that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves -- including the unborn.

Jerry Willis,



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