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Letter: Hang on to your hat

Letter: Hang on to your hat


To those who voted for Joe Biden out of hatred for Donald Trump and didn’t bother to learn what they voted for, here’s a partial list: You voted for open borders, higher taxes, reduced funding for police and more ineffective gun control laws. You voted for statehood for Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico to add four Democratic Party senators.

You voted to pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges. You voted for universal healthcare administered by government bureaucrats. You voted to outlaw fracking and stop being energy independent. We will still burn oil but buy it from the Middle East. Goodbye to $2 gas.

You voted for climate control legislation that will drastically increase energy costs while the rest of the world ignores your sacrifice. All these things and more are goals of the radical left that has taken over the Democratic Party. Chuck Schumer recently said, "if we take control of the Senate, we will change America".

Well, he got his wish, so hang onto your hat.

Larry Stone

Rock Island


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Americans need to understand the Republican Party is really the radical right party. The radical Republican right tried to overturn a free and fair election with senators, representatives, and yes the president, encouraging a lawless mob of thugs, insurrectionists and criminals to storm the United States Capitol.

Many constitutional problems have been exposed by the riot of Jan. 6. Some structural changes would be very helpful. One would be to eliminate the Electoral College and have a national popular vote election. Another is to have term- and age-limits for officeholders.

Regarding Sen. Charles Grassley's Jan. 20 column — it's too little, too late. Grassley has enabled Donald Trump and Trump's minions for four years and now is calling for healing. One must believe if President Joe Biden had not won the presidency, Grassley would not be so conciliatory. He intimates the election was not totally fraud free, even though the courts, even with conservative judges, found otherwise.

The Associated Press article written by Aamer Madhani that appeared on page A7 of the Jan. 17 edition entitled "Trump widened racial gap with rhetoric, actions" was an opinion piece that should have been labeled as such or put in an opinion section of the paper.

In a letter to the editor on Jan. 14, Larry Stone from Rock Island informed us that he can predict the future. He claimed that President Joe Biden and the Democrats will have open borders, higher taxes, reduce police funding, statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., among other claims. This was  all before the Democrats took control of the House, Senate and White House.

It was a surprise when we saw the deposit of $1,200 in our checking account. Then we saw that it came from the government, from the IRS. And then we realized it was a "stimulus check" given to help ease the financial hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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