"First take the guns, then due process," President Donald Trump, May 1,  2018, CNBC.

So, in other words, anyone that criticizes the government, we will deem crazy and disarm them, no warrants needed! Another slippery slope to the erosion of our freedoms and the demise of the Bill of Rights, with fascism right around the corner. (As if we're not already there).

Trump is putting it right in front of our noses, and no one seems to care, no one gets excited. Just hand me a beer and turn the Bears game on (or any other inane sports game you choose).

On another note, I ask my friends if they think they can rule themselves. (The definition of anarchism is rejection of hierarchy, or no masters, no slaves.) Most of them say no. I then ask, "But you're granting these criminal politicians, who in reality are no better than us, the right to rule over 300 million people?" Just blank stares.

I just shake my head and walk away.

"Hang down your head, Tom Dooley, hang down your head and cry," The Kingston Trio, 1958.

Tom Keith,



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