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Letter: Get the vaccine

Letter: Get the vaccine

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Covid infections in the United States are increasing. Almost all the cases in adults are occurring in the unvaccinated — children under 12 are not currently eligible to receive the vaccine. Originally it was the elderly and infirm who were primarily affected. Now, victims are predominantly young and healthy, including children — and some are dying. Up to 30% of child victims are suffering from "long covid."

The vaccine is safe — it is much safer to be vaccinated than to catch the disease, and claims that it has not been adequately tested are belied by the fact over 300 million doses have been administered in the U.S. alone, so we have a vast database from which we can evaluate the likelihood of significant side effects, which are uncommon.

Over the centuries, vaccine programs have been incredibly effective. Smallpox has been completely eradicated, measles is now rarely seen; congenital abnormalities caused by German measles are extremely uncommon; childhood meningitis is a rarity.

Some "anti-vaxxers" see attempts to get everyone vaccinated as an infringement on their personal freedoms, and/or government overreach. But our freedoms cannot come at the expense of the lives of our innocent fellow citizens. We owe it to our friends, neighbors and children to ensure that as few people as possible spread, get sick, or die from this preventable disease — 600,000-plus have died already. Everyone eligible must be vaccinated as soon as possible, to prevent further illnesses and deaths. It is our civic duty to do so.

Peter Metcalf MD (retired)



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Bob Stickling’s letter of July 7 on the increase in gun violence addresses a national problem. President Joe Biden doesn’t target only Democratic cities, although the letter listed some. Surely there are more Democratic cities with increasing gun fire. There are mushrooming killings in 25 Republican states, unfortunately. Could it be an American problem, regardless of party?

In March, 1933, shortly after Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor, German universities came under attack. Jewish instructors and the more liberal Social Democrats were removed from their faculty positions. Universities that had been highly regarded for their academic research and quality instruction, found their academic freedom suddenly gone. The best academic minds, including Albert Einstein, were so repulsed by these actions that they left Germany. But those faculty members who bought into the Nazi social experiment were pleased to see their Jewish and liberal colleagues dismissed so they might teach all subjects with a Nazi slant. Hitler had successfully transformed universities into racial and political institutions that supported the Nazi ideology.

In response to Marc Thiessen's Thursday column: Really? He said Donald Trump's social media exile "could even help him win back the White House." Really? Trump absolutely loves his supporters because they obviously are the source of his power. The evidence of the last five years is that he absolutely hates people like me who consider themselves conservative but reject him. He has no way to grow his base and apparently never had the desire to do so. That is reflective of an autocrat. He does not care about this country if he is not leading it.

I’m not seeing a positive ending for the GOP strategy concerning the pandemic. Since the beginning, the strategy appeared to be that COVID-19 was not going to be much of a problem. Citizens should ignore the science and go about their lives without following the CDC guidelines. We did not need to wear masks, social distance and avoid crowds.

When I was young, my dad volunteered me to mow a neighbor’s lawn. I wasn’t too happy about it because this neighbor was old and crotchety. After finishing, I stormed home and told my dad that I was never going to mow his lawn again. I was angry for two reasons.

Thousands of poll-watching officials abide by this direction. Their fundamental responsibility is to tacitly enforce the one-citizen, one-vote rule that has protected our democracy for scores of years. Exceptions to one person in the voting booth are handicapped, voters with children, persons requiring assistance, legitimate absentees and military who serve out of their district. There is no evidence that this process has deterred or negatively influenced the right to vote. None.

The Centers for Disease and Prevention death toll: 605,140. Not as bad as the Spanish Flu, but if you consider it in terms of our region, it brings home the numbers in a real way. Imagine driving through Scott, Muscatine, Clinton, Cedar, and Louisa counties in Iowa and Rock Island, Henry, Mercer, Carroll, and Whiteside counties in Illinois, and there is no one there. You don’t see anyone—at all! All of those counties are totally deserted. That is how many people we have lost in the United States to COVID. It continues. Help stop the spread and get your vaccination now!

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