Letter: Get a job

Letter: Get a job


My parents weren't wealthy. In order to go to college I had to take out a student loan. Not only that, I worked eight hours a day while going to school eight hours a day. That left eight hours for homework and sleep. It was tough, but I did it.

It took a couple years to pay off my loan. I paid it off because it was a loan. I was never the sharpest pencil in the bunch, but I did know the definition of the word "loan." What's with these "educated idiots" that graduate and don't pay off their loans? These lazy losers are hoping that some goofy politician will get elected and make us hard-working taxpayers foot the bill.

Listen you snowflakes, get off your lazy butts and get a job and take care of your legal loan obligations. Don't give us that crap about not being able to find a job. There are more jobs available now than there have ever been. It may not be your "dream" job, but a lot of us didn't get our "dream" jobs right out of college.

What word best describes a person that would vote for a politician that wants the taxpayer to pay off these defaulted loans? Imbecile, idiot, moron, fool, halfwit, chump, bonehead ... all of the above.

By the way, calling these people defaulting on their student loans "snowflakes" is an insult to snow.

Craig Wolever



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