I have followed with a great deal of interest your editorial board's frequently advocating for a fairer redistricting process in Illinois.

As a recent candidate in Illinois, I was also a proponent of a fair maps amendment in Illinois, my support going all the way back to an appearance on the local political show "For The Record” with former Rock Island County Republican Chair Bill Bloom back in September of 2015.

Thankfully, it’s probably the only time that he and I were on the same side of an issue. With that being said, I couldn’t help but notice that you only expressed your disappointment in the Supreme Court over how it impacts Illinois.

On a national level, the gerrymandering of districts has been utilized on a far greater scale by Republicans at the state level all across the country to gain more congressional seats in comparison to the votes cast.

In North Carolina, Democrats earned over 48% of the vote but only three seats, while Republicans earned just over 50% and picked up 10 Congressional seats.

In Wisconsin, in November the statewide vote for Republicans was just over 49% and yet they took 63 of the 99 statewide seats in the General Assembly.

While I can appreciate your support of a fairer process that allows the voters to pick their elected officials rather than the other way around, in the interest of fairness you should start advocating for fairness at a national level.

Rules of fairness should apply to both major political parties.

Gregg Johnson,

East Moline



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