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Letter: Follow this advice

Letter: Follow this advice


This is not working. Over 1,000 Americans die every day from COVID-19. Infections and positivity rates are soaring. Hospitals are full. Over 18 million people are unemployed. There is no end in sight and no national plan to address the pandemic or resulting economic devastation.

To get back to normal ASAP, we need to set priorities. We cannot solve our economic issues, or go back to school, until we get this pandemic under control. We cannot count on Americans to accept personal responsibility to protect their community members from the virus. We need our government to adopt a national strategy and get every state to adhere to that plan.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) advocates for the public interest toward a safer, healthier America. On July 17th, the U.S. PIRG published an open letter to America’s decision makers on its website ( titled, "Shut down, start over, do it right". Please read this letter and sign it if you agree.

The U.S. PIRG believes the only way we can get the pandemic under control is to shut down all non-essential businesses, and then commit to strictly following CDC guidelines for reopening the economy and schools. The group advocates for tripling testing capacity, producing more PPE, drugs, and reagents, banning non-essential interstate travel, ramping up contact tracing and mandating mask-wearing.

If our government leaders would do these five things, as a nation, America could return to "normal" in about 10 weeks. Please urge your government representative to follow this course.

Richard Patterson



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In his vehement response, on July 10, to columnist Don Wooten’s "apology" for being brought up in the south, reader Christopher Browne claims it was mainly Democratic elected officials who subjugated Black people in the south under draconian laws and practiced systemic racism.

When capitalism is not working for the people, where do they turn? They need social programs, such as SNAP (food stamps), healthcare and housing programs. Also, public education, Medicare, Social Security and public transportation. All are forms of socialism.

Anyone who votes Republican has no right to complain about Washington’s inept response to the coronavirus. For the last 40 years, Republicans have argued that government can never be trusted to solve problems. When you ask people who despise government to run it, you can’t expect it to function well (or at all).

Kudos to the gentleman from Fulton on his letter the other day about how the Confederates were traitors, so why should we honor them. I would differ with him slightly on one point. He stated he considered the Americans in the Revolutionary War to be traitors as they too were rebelling against their government.

Deep faith in God played a major part in the founding of our country. Despite the faults of the founders and corruption in the institutions and systems that have been established in the last 250 years, America has brought more good to the world than any other in history.

I see in the published July 22 Davenport City Council minutes that a $30,000 payment was made to Melrose Pyrotechnics. Google tells me this entity is a fireworks display company in Kingsbury, Indiana.

As a citizen of the United States, I cannot understand why we are putting up with the violence and destruction by people who claim they want fairness and reform. Is it fair to destroy businesses? Is it reform to tear down statues of people who are part of our history? Is it fair to target all law enforcement with hate and physical violence? Is there any logic to defunding the police in our cities? Banning books? We cannot erase history; we can only learn from it. Our leaders need to put an end to this insanity.

The record needs to be set straight. The economic boom created by President Trump is a myth. It actually started long before he was the president of the United States. He didn't create it; he inherited it from President Obama.

Since when does a Viewpoint column become front page news? I believe this has happened twice recently with John Marx telling us about his disrespect for Governor J.B. Pritzker.

The devil is called the father of lies. It looks like Donald Trump is trying to replace the devil for that title. Since being elected with significant help from his Russian owner, Vladimir Putin, he has racked up more than 20,000 documented false statements, a great many at the "pants on fire" level. These lies actually led to the deaths of many citizens.

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