Letter: Explanations offered

Letter: Explanations offered


On April 23rd, Art Fanter wrote a letter titled, "Explanations, please". He wanted to know why "liberals" adopt so many positions "but never elaborate why". He says "they are fanatics" about abortion.

Women who find themselves pregnant may have their reasons to consider medical means to end it; it's their right to control over their bodies. A provider may also advise an adoption.

Families can plan when they have children, using pills or other means to do so. For instance, when their incomes are stabilized. This isn’t 'killing babies,' as Fanter put it. It’s planning to have them.

Liberals don’t hate firearms. We want our armed forces to have all the rifles, bazookas and planes they need. But the mothers on the south side of Chicago, which is a case in point, would rather not be on camera on the nightly news, hysterical over the murder of their sons.

Liberals don’t really love socialism. Share and share alike? Christ’s suggestion to care for the least of us? These are worthy thoughts, but no way to run a country? So what if it works for Sweden and Iceland?

Liberals don’t "love illegal invaders (immigrants) and using tax dollars to sustain them". They aren’t paid a salary. There are no "compounds where they remain predators on citizens/taxpayers". Where are these compounds?

Liberals don’t dislike energy generated by coal, petroleum, or natural gas. Our air, water, etc., used to be cleaner before the EPA was turned over to people like Scott Pruitt.

Explanation, offered.

Don Wagschal



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