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Letter: End the silence

Letter: End the silence


It is time for the silent majority to start speaking up. What happened to George Floyd was a tragedy. A protest was justified. Then the anarchists and domestic terrorists took over the protests and are trying to tear apart our country.

To a neutral observer, the question remains: We know that one Black life matters, but what about the hundreds of Black lives that are taken every year in Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles and many more of our big cities? In Chicago one weekend in June, 106 people were shot and 14 killed, including three children. Ninety-six percent are Black people killing other Black people; where is the outrage, where are the protests?

It seems like the death of George Floyd just presented an excuse for these terrorist mobs to loot, burn and destroy as much of our country as they can. They say they are doing it for George Floyd, but what about the Black lives lost in Chicago or Baltimore? Don't they matter just as much?

These mobs are not only looting, burning and destroying property, they are trying to destroy our heritage and our great history, too.

They are even trying to destroy the images of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. George Washington took a bunch of squirrel hunters and farmers, with help from the French, and defeated the British army. This enabled us to be an independent country. Thomas Jefferson wrote the original Declaration of Independence. 

It's outrageous what these mobs are trying to do. We have to quit being silent.

Ron Kopko





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