In reference to Don Wooten's article in the Argus Oct. 27, Don tells us that "President Trump is deeply ignorant in economics."

Really, Don?

1. Unemployment is at a 50-year low. 2. We have extremely low inflation. 3. Under George W. Bush, Americans' average income was up $400 in eight years. Under Obama, up $1,000 over eight years. Under Trump, up $5,000 in less than three years. 4. Not to mention the average household taxes are down $2,000. 5. Unless 401K holders listened to false experts like Wooten and stayed out of stocks, their retirement funds went through the roof the last three years.

I don't know if Don is just flat-out lying to try to put down the president who 60 million Americans voted for. Or if Don himself is just deeply ignorant of economics.

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It's time to retire, Don. Give it up; you're embarrassing yourself.

Tom Wilcox,



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