Letter: Don't sully these symbols of freedom

Letter: Don't sully these symbols of freedom


Recently the Des Moines Roosevelt baseball team took a knee with the coaching staff looking on during the playing of our national anthem. Players were protesting the death of George Floyd.

Yes, Black lives do matter, and what happened to Mr. Floyd was wrong. Taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem was wrong. That display of contempt for the United States flag and the national anthem was a slap in the face to the 19 million living veterans who wore the uniform and the two million who wear it today, who are protecting your right to protest.

Since our country was founded, and through the Iraq War, more than one million soldiers have come home to their loved ones in a flag-draped casket.

As veterans and active duty military we did not put our lives on the line to see the two greatest symbols of our democracy desecrated in such a shameful manner.

Americans, count the many rights and privileges you enjoy under our flag and national anthem but never sully these symbols of freedom as you make your voice heard to correct an injustice long overdue.

Don Ager



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In recent weeks we have seen numerous actions removing statues, plaques, etc., that commemorated the Confederacy. While these actions have pleased many, they have also angered some. Those upset take the position that such symbols are part of history and should be retained. What is never mentioned or conveniently forgotten is that these symbols honored members of a confederacy that was formed from states that had seceded from the United States and then attacked that very body.

OK, this has been explained to you, but judging by the lack of face mask wearers, you didn’t get it. So I will go through this again, just for you (please read this slowly.) John was exposed to COVID-19 while in line at the convenience store. He wasn’t wearing a mask. Some guy ahead of him had COVID-19 and wasn’t symptomatic. John was at a bar a few days later not wearing a mask and exposed everyone at his high-top table. So now Mary, Steve, Jack, Susie, Tom, Sally, and Judy are infected with COVID-19, but none of them know it. Mary loves her grandma and went to see her Sunday. Because of the visit, Mary’s sweet grandma will be dead from COVID-19 in two weeks. Tom has diabetes, but doesn’t know it yet. COVID-19 knows, and will kill Tom in three weeks. Sally goes to work maskless and infects all of her coworkers and two of them go on ventilators. Steve infects two of his girlfriends, who go on to infect six other people, one of whom infects his dad, who dies a week later. Are you getting this? Can you now see the importance of wearing a mask? It’s not a political statement or “freedom” to go out without a mask, it’s murder. You kill your mom, dad, uncles, aunts, grandparents, your cousin with asthma, everyone. You did it with your irresponsibility and stupidity. Pray that those things don’t kill you.

Congratulations, Roby Smith, on getting mail-in ballots more under control by the Iowa Republican Party. I suppose this is in line with President Trump’s campaign to help control the voting process to make sure our representation keeps fulfilling minority interests.

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