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Letter: Don't demean us

Letter: Don't demean us

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"You’ll never get ahead by blaming your problems on other people." (Willie Nelson).

Adults take responsibility for their failings and go on. Undisciplined children blame others. America’s liberals/progressives appear to be trying to wreak vengeance on former President Trump but are seriously penalizing Americans. Gasoline prices have risen precipitously since January’s change of administrations. Higher gas prices don’t much influence billionaire Donald Trump, but they profoundly affect you and me.

There’s an old saying: "When purposing to take revenge, first dig two graves." A person who is eaten up by anger toward someone suffers from it much more than does the despised one. Liberals appear to be doing things to spite Trump that seriously and rapidly reduce your standard of living and mine. Reduced real income, increased regulations, increased cost-of-living, etc., do little to punish conservatives, but eat away at our prosperity and freedoms.

We want our children to have a higher standard of living than we had. With an out-of-control national debt, onerous new rules, increased taxes, etc., things are going the other way. You and I may have already experienced America’s zenith. Not good thinking when planning for our descendants.

Too many people hate America. While we’re still number one, we can work toward a brighter future instead of demeaning everything about this great nation. We absolutely have faults, but no place is better. If you idolize some other nation, pack up and go there. Leave us alone. It isn’t perfect, but it’s still the best place on Earth.

Don Goembel



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I was born in Moline, educated in Moline and had the privilege to teach and coach in Moline. This year’s mayoral election is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. When do we as Moliners stoop to the level of the negative ads that are being sent to our homes about Sangeetha Rayapati? They are disgusting and very untrue.

Well it is now official. Republicans have made it easier to buy and carry guns than it is to vote. Their obsession with guns escapes me. There is no evidence that more guns make us safer, just more likely to get shot. I have no problem with the 2nd Amendment, just the misinterpretation of it.

At election time last year Ray LaHood wrote an outrageously deceptive article about Justice Tom Kilbride, accusing him of not being ethical in an effort to prevent him from retaining his seat on the Illinois Supreme Court. Well, now Ray LaHood is in the paper for an ethics violations. Shame on you Ray LaHood and those who believed what has become an all-too-familiar Republican propaganda party.

Every time I hear lawmakers argue for the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns, I'm convinced they're living in an alternate universe. I'm sure I would be classified law-abiding, but I can think of reasons why I would not be safe with a gun. Is my mental health guaranteed to be rational and panic-free? Is my gun incapable of misfiring? If I feel threatened and want to simply scare a potential intruder, is it not likely the intruder may feel threatened and harm me in some way?

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For the second time in three years, Democrats in the U.S. House have passed House Resolution 1 (HR1), dubbed the "For the People Act". HR1, along with the Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR4), strengthens our democracy by implementing a comprehensive set of federal reforms, affecting elections, campaigns, ethics and voting rights.

"Whatsoever you do" to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. These words came from a familiar hymn about the corporal works of mercy, which words actually came from Jesus. How beautiful is that! Think about it. What we do to others we are doing for God — but wait a minute. The reverse may be true. What evil we do to others, such as killing of innocent babies, we do unto God.

In a recent letter, John Dixell said that people who have watched PBS programs on the history of the earth will understand that climate change has been continuous since the earth was formed. Therefore, since climate change happens naturally, we should accept the inevitability of currently occurring global warming and concentrate on controlling immigration and refugees.

This will be a fairly short letter. I was watching the news on Friday, March 26, and, of course, there was an update on the Covid numbers from Scott County, reporting 146 cases and Rock Island County reporting 41 cases. Here is my point: People, we've been in this mess over a year and there seems to be quite a few knuckleheads who refuse to acknowledge that we are still not out of the proverbial woods yet, even though we have knowledgeable scientists and infectious disease doctors telling us that we are still having to keep our guard against this deadly disease.

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