Letter: Disgracing the nation

Letter: Disgracing the nation


Trump and his supporters like saying that "America was a great nation," and now he's going to put us back on track. I don't know what that means. They don't, either. They just like to say it. Our success is explained more by geography than national character. God made America great, we simply found it laying here.

Donald Trump was elected from the bottom up. His supporters don't really want a great nation, they want to drag the rest of us down to their level. They can’t keep up so they elected a strong, charismatic, unscrupulous leader who will find them someone beside themselves to blame: Mexicans, Muslims, Methodist, whoever – doesn’t matter.

Great people don't elect a chronic liar and cheat. They don't lock up little children at the border, even cause their deaths in some cases. Great people don't elect a president who would abandon our allies, as in northern Syria, causing deaths there as well.

Again and again Trump has disgraced the nation while his supporters live in their alternate reality.

Wise people don't elect a president so consumed with his own self-interest that he fails to protect the nation from future catastrophes. From ignoring the threat of climate change, to a reckless, untimely tax break depleting the national treasury.

Now the chickens have come home to roost. Trump’s failure to prepare for the "China" virus, despite warnings from the "deep state," will unfortunately cause many deaths among his supporters. I wonder if they’ll be buried with their MAGA hats on.

Mike Brugger

East Moline


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