A recent issue of the "The Epoch Times" covered the current situation of socialism/communism in America and the world today, and it proves that the speech I heard a long time ago by Nikita Krushev, where he said "Americans would not only accept Communism, they would demand it," is proving true.

Wake up America. I am 83 years old and it is obvious to me that anyone who promises or demands all this free stuff is either stupid, delusional or a communist agent.

All Americans need to understand what is happening in this country. Just because your parents raised you as a Democrat, their statement that "Democrats are for the little guy and Republicans are for big business," is in today's environment B.S. -- which, by the way, are Bernie Sanders initials.

Without big business you better learn to live off the land and have the tools to defend it. People need to see clearly that the Democratic Party has become a vehicle for the subversion of the United States into communism:

Political correctness, subversion of education via "inclusiveness," social justice, environmentalism (global warming, extreme weather, etc.), suppression of opposing opinions via social media, ownership of all social media and news media by leftists, the election of Democratic Socialist of America members to Congress, the threatened impeachment of Donald Trump and the continuous obstruction of Trump.

Just take a good look at Illinois with Democrats at the helm in the House and Senate for at least the last 30+ years, a d now with Sen. Tom Cullerton is proof of the pudding.

Nick Huyten,



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