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Letter: Demand better

Letter: Demand better

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The Davenport Community School District is broken, profoundly broken. It is broken on every level and from every conceivable point of view. Students, parents, teachers and building staff all know this; they feel it and live it daily. Our children are suffering in this environment. They are constantly the ones on the losing end of district decision-making. Davenport has failed them. Davenport continues to fail them. This failure is not the result of bad teachers, poorly behaved children or state interference. The district has failed because it continues to be an over-administrated and poorly run district that is led by careerists who neither work with, nor care about, our students.

Most of our highest paid administration don’t believe in Davenport enough to send their own students there. What does that say? Want to eat at a restaurant where the chef won’t even consume the food? I don't. Regardless of the collected data that screams about leadership’s ineptness, our elected school board saw fit to give them sizable raises. Why? I’ve never received a sizable raise for continuous failure.

Every building in the district has a principal and other staff more than qualified to perform whatever tasks the current district leaders are pretending they do. Why do we need $2 million worth in redundant administration that have already performed so inadequately?

I loved and believed in the Davenport school district, but my hope for any improvement is gone. Our students, families, teachers and staff deserve better, so maybe it’s time we demand it.

Adam Little



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