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Letter: Comforted by beads

Letter: Comforted by beads


During COVID19, I have been watching way too many crafting videos and realized I did not have the correct size of little wooden beads to complete a project. I shopped online, choosing curbside delivery.

Traveling on I-80 with the truckers, I thanked God for them so I can have little wooden beads and food on the table. I pass the crowded parking lot at Menard’s. Must be a lot of people finishing their to-do lists and satisfying their itch for shopping, maybe picking up a box of light bulbs and a bag of pork rinds.

At a corner, three unsocially-distanced workers bury cable. Passing NorthPark Mall, it reminded me of Christmas Day without the snow. I pull up to my curbside pickup area, collect my precious wooden beads and observe many shoppers go into a store, some wearing masks with no gloves, others wearing winter mittens with no mask, and some wearing neither. The store must be like a Petri dish.

Nearing home, farmers are in the field, wives washing outdoor windows, and freshly washed clothes hang on the lines. I realize for some of us, social distancing is just a way of life. Some farmers and retired people are not as affected by the mandate. In the country, the COVID-19 world does not seem so scary. No school or workplace shootings. Reduced political ads. Yes, my life goes on, and I am comforted by my little wooden beads.

Christine Kaul



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