Thank you to Mia Mayberry for her many years of dedication to the Rock Island County Board.

As we approach the 2020 elections, we need to continue to elect people who are reliable, honest and trustworthy. People with morals and values. Not in it for themselves. When you are asked to sign a petition, consider the person and why they are running. Is it because they feel it is "owed" to them or they think it's a popularity contest? These are not valid reasons to run. Ask them why they are running and what they plan to change. Are they believable or just saying what you want to hear?

We cannot vote for people out of fear, blind loyalty or past friendships. We must open our eyes to the future of Rock Island County and city. Yes, we need to maintain those officials who have been doing a good job and moving us forward. We also need more women and perhaps some more under-60 representation.

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Use your mind and think smart. We can do better for our families and our future if we responsibly sign the right petitions and really think about who we want in office making decisions on behalf of us.

L.A. Figley,

Rock Island


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