Letter: Check your sources

Letter: Check your sources


Regarding refugees being accepted in Rock Island County: several articles now have referenced The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), quoting costs to be funded by local tax payers associated with accepting refugees into Rock Island County. I know little about the issue but a search of CIS came up with the following: the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has designated CIS a hate group; John Tanton, the founder of CIS was a eugenicist and white nationalist; and, according to SPLC, an employee was kicked out of the Heritage Foundation for being too radical.

My point is simply this: If you are passionate about an issue educate yourself on the nuances, try to understand the scope of the issue and its' impacts, but most importantly in this day and age, be careful of your sources.

The good people of Rock Island County don't want to be associated with the types running a pseudo-research organization with these types of views.

Perhaps the local paper and their writers should do so as well.

Bill Gray

Coal Valley


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