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Letter: Bogus claims

Letter: Bogus claims

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Well it is now official. Republicans have made it easier to buy and carry guns than it is to vote. Their obsession with guns escapes me. There is no evidence that more guns make us safer, just more likely to get shot. I have no problem with the 2nd Amendment, just the misinterpretation of it.

As gun violence continues to spiral upward, it seems idiotic to eliminate all safe guards on gun ownership, background checks, training, etc. No rational argument supports this, only emotional appeals, i.e., "they" want to take away our guns."

The right to vote is another matter. We have always been taught to participate in our democracy by being informed and to exercise our right to vote. Many have fought long and hard for that right, specifically people of color and women. When Republicans realized it was becoming more difficult to win based on their ideas/policies, they decided the path to victory is to limit the access to vote for those who might vote against them.

Using the bogus claim of voter fraud (non-existent) they have introduced legislation in over 40 states to limit the number of polling places, reduce hours, restrict absentee ballots, limit early voting, usurp election control (Georgia), some 200 plus bills in all.

Iowa is one of the first to pile on the band wagon. How progressive of them. This has nothing to do with fraud or election security. It's pure and simple voter suppression. Remember that when you’re standing in a long line to vote.

Cecil Chapman



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I see where U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos has announced that she will not seek re-election. I am guessing that Sen. Dick Durbin will be retiring in the near future as well, then his old buddy Gov. JB Pritzker can appoint Bustos as the junior senator from Illinois. That way Bustos can run for the Senate as an incumbent. I, like many of Bustos' constituents, am not surprised by her lack of transparency. Apparently, Durbin and Bustos got wind that Esther Joy King will be running on the Republican ticket for the 17th Congressional District.

In the April 29 issue, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst attacks the current president as though it is his job to unify the nation. That would be nice, but that's not his job. This attack reflects a gross failure on her part to draw a conclusion about President Biden's efforts after fewer than 100 days in office.

Have you thought about how we humanize animals in the way we treat our pets? Yet we can read about and see enormous suffering by humans on television and not be seriously affected, because our brain defends us. And it must: Very sensitive humans have gone mad because their minds couldn’t endure so much suffering.

The Biden administration signed into law the American Rescue Plan on March 11, and notified the City of Rock Island to expect $27.5 million. A total of $13.7 million will be in our checking account by May 10. The second payment will be later.

Extreme property, retail, restaurant and gas taxes coupled with radical spending by corrupt socialist democrats are forcing people to leave the state of Illinois. Illinois’ loss of a congressional seat due to the exodus of people, money and jobs is good news for America. Conservative states with competent and caring Republican leadership will continue to promote the "American First" agenda and will continue to promote policies that will keep Americans safe and secure.

He has plans to spend $6 trillion; $60 million per week for housing illegal migrants; lied to the American public about being a moderate but really is a far left democratic socialist; wants to increase the corporate tax so jobs will be lost and forcing corporations to invest out of the United States; shut down the pipeline causing a loss of 18,000-plus jobs for middle-income families; gasoline prices soaring; sending money to corrupt countries; zero backbone toward Iran; hires deceitful John Kerry; funds Planned Parenthood; stops building the wall; racism against white farmers for Covid relief; insults families who worked hard to put their children through college by wanting to give a free pass to students who won't take responsibility for their debt; unemployment benefits too long and too high, which deters individuals from seeking employment; does not support the funding of police and the armed forces; the answer to any problem is always blamed on racism; supports the Green New Deal; border out of control; afraid to challenge left-wing socialist thinkers and the teachers union; also, name two bills in his 50-year career that Joe Biden has passed.

I love the Quad Cities. That’s why I live here. But there is an opportunity right now that will absolutely put us on the map, and we cannot pass it up. I’m talking about the Veterans Memorial Pier proposal.

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