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Letter: Attention hogs

Letter: Attention hogs

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I want you to picture a relatively small group of Congress people. They share many commonalities.

Foremost? They all were elected in gerrymandered "safe" districts.

They're vain, in love with the sound of their own voices, exhibiting a moth-like addiction to the television cameras.

Re-election guaranteed, they're free to advocate for the most radical interpretation of their party's platform.

The press are eager to oblige these attention hogs, mainly because these politicians always provide a tasty, controversial sound-bite for the next news cycle.

They frequent the cable "news" debate circuit and are always available for comment on Sunday morning.

Unflattering photos of them are meme-fodder for their opponents, and their smiling faces are shared among the faithful as heroes.

They use their fame/notoriety as a fundraising tool when approaching wealthy donors/PACs (in reality, they need very little money to keep their "safe" seats).

But are those Congress people really advancing the "cause" they claim to champion?

Certainly their actions make it easy for opponents to portray them as caricatures and boogeymen for fund-raising and get-out-the-vote purposes.

More than that, it allows a small, vocal group's fringe views to be portrayed as the views of all who share their party affiliation.

Who are among this small group of prima-donnas?

A third of those reading will say: He's referring to: AOC, Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler ...

A different third say: Taylor-Greene, Stefanik, Gaetz, Boebert ...

The final third say: Who dat?

I believe, in this instance, a reasonable man could say, "Ain't nobody wrong."

Eugene Mattecheck, Jr.



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Today, I received my MidAmerican Energy bill for gas and electric. The amount of natural gas I used for this last 30-day period was actually a little less than last year. I have heard and read about the projected increase in prices for natural gas for this winter ranging from 40%-90%. To my shock my bill had gas prices increasing about 240%.

It’s rich that Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Sen. Joni Ernst are criticizing Democrats for expanding voting rights. Why don’t they want to make voting easier for Americans? The answer is, it’s an attempted Republican power grab.

For their actions related to the Capitol attack, 11 members of the Oath Keepers were just indicted for seditious conspiracy. Seditious conspiracy is a crime that is committed when two or more persons conspire to forcibly overthrow the U.S. government or prevent the execution of U.S. laws.

American democracy is currently looking for new leadership and new direction. The mid-term election of 2022 could start to be the downfall of our democracy. The American voters will decide which direction our government should be leading.

If I could write an annual review for Mr. Biden my rating would be "Unsatisfactory/needs improvement." To support that rating, my comments would include: You are not enforcing immigration law at the border. Your attack on the oil and gas industry has caused energy prices to soar. The disastrous cut and run from Afghanistan. Lack of tests for another Covid surge. A $2 trillion tax and spending plan called Build Back Better that went down in flames. A proposed election law discouraging IDs because IDs for voting seem to be racist. Your offensive speech in Georgia on voting rights that did more to divide than unite.

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A column this week, "Today’s Supreme Court reality" was unbelievable! Many unjust laws in the history of the U.S. have been overturned by our Supreme Court. Just because an unjust law is a precedent of many years does not make it right. For example, slavery, segregation laws, voting restrictions, etc. We need to strive to correct our unjust laws and make the U.S. a better place to live in.

While I agree with almost everything Kristine Sherman wrote in her Jan. 15 letter, "Clueless", regarding the blatant attack on Iowa teachers and our education system by the book-burning Republican Sen. Jake Chapman and his cronies, I simply cannot agree with her telling him to "please return to your Republican clown car and drive somewhere far, far away".

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