The Dispatch-Argus had two articles on the front page of the paper, one headlined, "Why is Pelosi confident," and the other, "Whistleblower to testify 'very soon.'"

Both articles are presented as evenhanded accounts of the impeachment inquiry and the Ukrainian phone call as if the writers were simply reporting the facts.

But when one carefully reads the articles, the subtle biases are readily apparent.

In the Pelosi piece, the writer Jennifer Haberkorn, from the well-known liberal paper the Los Angeles Times, states that "President (Donald) Trump has acknowledged pressing the Ukrainian president to investigate former vice president Joe Biden, a possible 2020 presidential candidate, even as he withheld $400 million in U.S. aid to that country."

What Haberkorn neglected to say was that this was news to the Ukrainian president who said, "nobody explained to me why U.S. aid was delayed." The piece is filled with quotes from other Democrats praising Speaker Nancy Pelosi's accomplishments and experience.

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In the whistleblower piece, Adam Schiff, who has hounded Trump ever since he got elected and flat-out lied about Trump's phone call in his "parody" statement, is quoted as saying that the whistleblower will testify when the time is right.

The piece neglects to point out that the so-called whistleblower got his information secondhand and wasn't even a witness to the phone call. The article is also filled with negative quotes from former and present Trump advisers.

These are very clever tactics by the AP and other mainstream news outlets to influence public opinion under the guise of simply reporting the news.

Jim Vize,



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