Donald Trump may not be a racist. We have his word for it that he isn’t and he is always so truthful: more than 10,000 provable lies since he took office and counting.

We do know his advisor Steven Miller is an avowed racist and proud of it. We also know that when the Daily Stormer (a neo-Nazi paper) and David Duke (former grand wizard of the KKK) praise what Trump is saying, then what Trump is saying is racist.

When the staff of the National Cathedral calls Trump out for his divisiveness with the phrase which ended Gunner Joe’s reign of terror, we know it is time to stand up to Trump and say, “Stop trying to rip our nation apart! We are better that this!”

We know Trump has no decency.

Now, in wake of El Paso, he has doubled down on his appeal to white nationalists. How, you ask? Rather than asking for flags to fly at half staff for a week as is customary, he calls for them to be raised on 8/8. H/H is letter equivalent (Heil Hiter) and the date is honored by neo-Nazis.

Enough is enough! Our president really is pandering to the worse impulses in the most violent among us.

Charlotte Peterson,

Rock Island


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