The most sweeping and consequential legislation recently passed in Illinois is the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), SB25. Most citizens are clueless about this legislation due to our local media’s blind eyes in reporting on it, both before and after its passage.

The RHA makes Illinois the wide-open state for abortion, even up to nine months. It requires every health insurance policy to cover abortion at any stage and for any reason. According to the Thomas More Society, “There are no exceptions for churches, religious nonprofits, or pro-life individuals and small business owners.”

The RHA repeals the Abortion Performance Refusal Act, which protected health care workers and facilities that refused to participate in abortion.

The RHA excepts abortion clinics from requirements of other ambulatory surgical treatment centers that they operate in a manner that insures maximum safety. There will be no investigations of deaths from abortion.

The penalty for knowingly performing an abortion on an un-pregnant woman was struck from the law.

Language protecting spouses and parents from paying for abortions performed without their consent was struck.

But none of this should surprise anyone. Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s campaign promise was that Illinois “will be the most progressive state in the nation when it comes to guaranteeing women’s reproductive rights.”

One of his accomplices in the passage of the RHA, Rep. Mike Halpin, D-Rock Island, did not hide his pro-abortion position. So anyone who voted for these two knew what would happen if they won.

Elections do matter and we get who we vote for.

Cathy Bein,



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