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Letter: A pleasant encounter

Letter: A pleasant encounter

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East Moline post office rocks! Thank you to the young man at the counter for his fabulous upbeat attitude on Dec. 9. Taking my packages, he said I had too many. Who was I, Mrs. Claus? Such a pleasant encounter left me smiling for the rest of the day. Thank you.

Connie Peed

East Moline


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This newspaper carried the report Thursday of Sen. Joni Ersnt's statement to the effect that President Biden was not fostering unity and his handling of the border is bad, and that the former guy had good policies there.

Our country and our community, has a white male fear problem. Not all, but too many, white males think this country belongs to them. It doesn’t. They think men are superior to women, but they aren’t. They think the problems in our communities are due to minorities. The problems in our communities are due to systemic racism and oppression of the poor (which includes, ironically, poor white males). They think (well, no, the problem really is that they don’t think. They merely judge from a position in our society of entitlement and privilege and have knee-jerk reactions in response).

In the April 29 issue, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst attacks the current president as though it is his job to unify the nation. That would be nice, but that's not his job. This attack reflects a gross failure on her part to draw a conclusion about President Biden's efforts after fewer than 100 days in office.

I see where U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos has announced that she will not seek re-election. I am guessing that Sen. Dick Durbin will be retiring in the near future as well, then his old buddy Gov. JB Pritzker can appoint Bustos as the junior senator from Illinois. That way Bustos can run for the Senate as an incumbent. I, like many of Bustos' constituents, am not surprised by her lack of transparency. Apparently, Durbin and Bustos got wind that Esther Joy King will be running on the Republican ticket for the 17th Congressional District.

Have you thought about how we humanize animals in the way we treat our pets? Yet we can read about and see enormous suffering by humans on television and not be seriously affected, because our brain defends us. And it must: Very sensitive humans have gone mad because their minds couldn’t endure so much suffering.

Extreme property, retail, restaurant and gas taxes coupled with radical spending by corrupt socialist democrats are forcing people to leave the state of Illinois. Illinois’ loss of a congressional seat due to the exodus of people, money and jobs is good news for America. Conservative states with competent and caring Republican leadership will continue to promote the "American First" agenda and will continue to promote policies that will keep Americans safe and secure.

I love the Quad Cities. That’s why I live here. But there is an opportunity right now that will absolutely put us on the map, and we cannot pass it up. I’m talking about the Veterans Memorial Pier proposal.

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst missed the point of the word "bipartisan" in her reaction to the State of the Union speech. Bipartisan implies a reaching out from both sides to find agreement.

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