Letter: A disgrace to your generation

Letter: A disgrace to your generation


Baby boomers, you have become a disgrace to your generation, and all generations before us. For those who have chipped away at our Constitution and our sovereignty, go to the gravesites of the 400,000 who lost their lives in World War II, or the 36,000 who lost their lives in the Korean War, or the 58,479 who lost their lives during the Vietnam War, and tell them they lost their lives in vain. Because we have decided that this country needs a different direction. It is ever so present that this direction is socialism.

I wonder if any of us have taken the time to educate our children, and their children, just how important it is to understand the consequences of our actions for the past several decades. We now have several socialists in Washington, D.C., and candidates running for president who are pushing for socialist control.

Moammar Gaddafi stated that if you can infiltrate a country's government, it can come under new control. This is not me, you say. Then what is response for the breakdown of our government and our society? Because you're in denial if you think otherwise.

Gary Brakeman



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