Editorial: It's about time

Editorial: It's about time


Lately, it seems, state lawmakers across the country have become interested in changing how we keep time.

In both Illinois and Iowa, bills aimed at making daylight saving time permanent have been introduced. And the two states are not alone. Last year 39 states were entertaining bills to make changes. According to a USA Today article, seven states had passed laws making daylight saving time permanent. (It's important to note that the federal government must sign off to enact the changes.)

In Springfield, the Senate approved a bill last year to make daylight saving time permanent. The measure still needs the OK from the House and governor. In Iowa, bills await action in the House and Senate.

We can certainly understand the impulse to "ditch the switch," as they say. Our body clocks don't adjust easily to the changes, and there are studies showing positive health and economic effects to daylight saving time.

But for a border community like ours, the idea of one state making the leap without the other is troubling.

For those who work in one state and live in the other, it would take an adjustment. Imagine trying to set your alarm clock.

There also would be productivity implications for businesses.

Some states have taken this complication into account and are making their changes contingent on their neighbors. We think that's a good approach, one Springfield and Des Moines ought to consider.

At the moment, we don't have a strong feeling whether or not to make the change. Both state capitals have other issues higher up on the priority list. But whatever they do, we believe they should not further complicate life in border communities on something so basic as the time of day.


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