Wanted: Guest columnists

Wanted: Guest columnists

Sadly, with the publication of Ellen Tsagaris' final guest column today, we're weeks away from bidding adieu to all of our latest fine stable of Dispatch-Argus-QCOnline.com guest writers.

Bishop Hill's Deni Menken and Rock Island's Robert Burkhead already have signed off. By month's end, Rock Island's JohnPatrick Brown and East Moline's Jim Briggs will join them.

That's the bad news for fans who, like us, have enjoyed their work and will miss their once-a-month contributions.

The good news is, however, that their departure will make way for a new crop of writers with ideas and opinions to share. In fact, we're already knee-deep in the effort to locate a fresh set of local writers to provide local views readers can't find anywhere else.

On Aug. 25, we officially issued our 24th request for entries in our Guest Columnist Contest. But with just 11 days remaining before our hard and fast midnight, Sunday, Sept. 22, contest deadline, and a scant handful of early entries, we thought we’d better issue a reminder that the clock is ticking on our 2019 contest.

If you've enjoyed this reader-driven feature and thought you would like to be among our contributors, consider making a bid today. Experienced writers are welcome. So are first-timers who have never taken the plunge. We've had a wealth of both who have enriched our Viewpoints pages over the years. Such writers also have made us even more eager to find new  gems to share. But we cannot keep doing so unless we can find writers who are willing to write.

So please consider becoming one of the up to five 2019-20 winners who will be selected to serve at least six months, writing one column every five weeks. You'll be paid $25 per column and can write about anything you want in any way you wish, though we cannot emphasize enough the importance of thinking and writing locally.

Please note, too, that the contest remains closed to officeholders, political candidates and political-party leaders. Remember, too, that we want new voices, so past winners will not be considered. Previously unsuccessful applicants, however, are urged to try again. Many times over the years, a previously unsuccessful contestant had better luck with a new column and a fresh list of local ideas.

Finally, please note: No matter how good your column or list of potential topics are, your entry will NOT be judged if it comes in after the midnight  Sept. 22 deadline.

We’d hate to think you missed your shot this year only because you procrastinated.

You have free articles remaining.

Become a Member

Below, please find additional details for applying. Then, don't delay. Enter today.

Wanted: Guest writers

Up to five writers will be selected to serve at least six months, writing one column every five weeks for our Viewpoints pages. Pay is $25 per column.

QUALIFICATIONS: Have strong opinions and express them well.

TOPICS: The sky is the limit, with one proviso: Writers must write about local or regional issues.

WHO CAN APPLY: The contest is open to anyone except current officeholders, candidates for office, political party leaders, and single-issue activists.

HOW TO APPLY: Submit an original column of 600 words or fewer that has not been published before either in print or online, a short biography, and a brief outline of other issues you might want to address in future columns. Applications missing any of these items will not be judged. Sign your opinion. No pseudonyms.

HOW TO SUMBIT: Email column and supporting material to letters@qconline.com (please put "guest columnist contest" in the subject line). Or mail to the Dispatch-Argus-QCOnline.com, Viewpoints, 1033 7th Ave., Suite 101, East Moline IL 61244-1462).

DEADLINE: Entries received after midnight Sunday, Sept. 22, won't be judged.


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