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Sad to see Gunchies go

Sad to see Gunchies go


To the best of my knowledge:

-- No one eats a taco from the middle. There should be consequences for those who try such silliness.

-- The world would be a better place if all politicians were at a loss for words.

-- I learned recently that smart may have the plans, but stupid winds up with all the great stories.

-- Never believe the dude who says he will jump if you jump. It only makes the surgeon rich.

-- The worst stretch of road in the history of the world is the one surrounding Rock Island's Lincoln Park. It looks like a post-battle minefield. My goodness. The city has a tremendous parks department, but someone handling street repair is letting it down.

-- The Chicago Bears are bad. I get it. But they are bad without Jay Cutler, and I can live with that.

-- You feel like a mouse in a maze with all the road construction on the Illinois side of the Interstate 74 bridge.

-- The nursing staff at Genesis Medical Center East is off-the-charts. I recently witnessed first-hand the third-floor and ICU nurses work, going above and beyond at every step. Hats off and thanks.

-- A coffeehouse genius (his words) says: "My desire to be well informed is currently in deep conflict with my need to stay sane.'' He also said: "It's been one of those days the past three months.''

-- Start slicing doughnuts down the middle, and you will never have to deal with another boring bagel.

-- When you're bald, you cannot afford to pluck the incoming gray hairs from your head.

-- You should never ask a rabbit for advice. Anyone that digs lettuce that much has a different agenda.

-- No matter what it is, it is never not awkward.

-- We all know that one person who orders something from Amazon just because she needs a box.

-- I learned recently the folks representing the good people of Moline are listening. At least Ald. Mike Wendt is.

-- The world needs more people like Allie and Heather Ferrari. The daughter-mother combo are artistic geniuses, creating a poster for a shy freshman boy at a local school so he could ask a young lady to homecoming. The young man who received the creative assist will never forget their kindness and creativity. Neither will his father.

-- The closing of Gunchies2 in Rock Island is painful. Owner Eric Lutdke, an outrageous success with the original Gunchies in Davenport, could not find a happy medium in Rock Island. He pumped gallons of dollars into the historic Hunter's Club building and offered great food at reasonable prices, but Gunchies2 still failed. Lutdke is one of life's truly good dudes, but he could not hinder the future of a thriving business when one division was failing. I get it, but it still pains me to see that part of Rock Island go blank.

-- RIP Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, who made watching wrestling Sunday mornings --  after the Notre Dame football replay and before church -- entertaining

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