If movie stinks, why make a sequel?

If movie stinks, why make a sequel?

John Donald O'Shea

John Donald O'Shea is a retired circuit court judge and a columnist for The Dispatch-Argus.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team of prosecutors investigated President Donald Trump -- and everybody around him -- for 2.5 years, using the full investigatory powers of the United States government.

They found there was insufficient evidence to charge the president with conspiracy, or any other crime, relating to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

There are numerous redactions in the Mueller Report. But does any rational, neutral observer really believe that those portions would have been redacted if there had been competent evidence that the president, or those around him, had conspired with Russia or engaged in any other crime?

If the special counsel had had competent evidence to support Trump's guilt, the report would have trumpeted, "We charge that evil President Trump conspired with Russia!" And yet, there are those who still believe the Democrat fairy tale that Trump colluded with Russia. And there are those who believe that Rep. Adam Schiff and other Democrats on his House Intelligence Committee will still somehow dig up evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.

NBC News described Mueller's team as the 18 "best prosecutors in the business." They had virtually unlimited subpoena power and power to haul witnesses before grand  juries. Does any rational Democrat seriously believe that if Muller's expert prosecutors couldn't find competent evidence to charge the president during their exhaustive 30 months investigation, somehow Schiff will?

The phony Steele Dossier didn't get the job done. But wait! Schiff is here to save the day! And he has in hand (gasp!) a "letter" from a so-called whistleblower!

Never mind that Schiff's whistleblower has no personal knowledge of the things he alleges the president did wrong in speaking to the Ukraine president. Never mind that the whistleblower's allegations are rank hearsay. Never mind that hearsay is admissible only in kangaroo courts. Never mind that the transcript of that call utterly debunks and contradicts the whistleblower's hearsay claims.

Never mind that the whistleblower's statements were not made under oath. Never mind that neither the president, nor Republican members of Superhero Schiff's committee have been allowed to confront the accuser or cross-examine him.

Never mind that Schiff has lied about his, or his staff's, involvement with the whistleblower, or that Schiff's staff may have drafted or helped draft the whistleblower's "complaint," or directed the whistleblower to an anti-Trump lawyer to "refine" the allegations.

Never mind that the chairman is running a secret hearing -- closed to the press and public -- with only Schiff-approved "leaks" being made available to a partisan mainstream media. Never mind that Schiff repeatedly lied about having "evidence" in his possession that Trump colluded with Russia.

In case you haven't figured it out, Ukraine collusion is a sham. It is a remake of the Russian collusion sham. It's rather like the Hollywood remakes of "The Prisoner of Zenda."

Hollywood first made the movie in 1922 with Ramon Navarro, then again in 1939 with Ronald Coleman, and again in 1952 with Stewart Granger: same movie, slightly updated script, new cast.

Here's Schiff's 2016 movie "Trump Colludes with Russia": Evil racist, bigot, homophobe, white-supremacist Donald -- aka, Joseph Stalin Jr. -- Trump colluded with Russia to dig up dirt to steal the 2016 election from saintly Hillary Clinton. Script based on the fictional whistleblower Steele Dossier, paid for by Fusion GPS, the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign, and sundry half-truth affidavits filed in the FISA court.

Here's Schiff's 2020 movie "Trump Colludes with Ukraine” (still in production): Evil racist, bigot, homophobe, white supremacist Donald -- aka Adolf Hitler Jr. -- Trump colluded with Ukraine to dig up dirt to steal the 2020 election from former Vice President Joe Biden. Script based on a hearsay whistleblower complaint crafted by either Schiff himself, his staff, or his designated attorney, all without disclosing that the whistleblower appears to be an old crony of former-VP Biden.

The American people have seen enough. The 2016 version was garbage. The 2020 version bids fair to be even worse. With the Republicans in control of the Senate, and with 67 votes needed in the Senate to convict, Democrats know that any partisan impeachment is DOA.

The 2020 election is a year from now. If Trump is the consummate evil racist, white supremacist, traitor  that the Democrats claim he is, he will be "impeached" by the voters!

John Donald O'Shea of Moline is a retired circuit court judge.


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