Real estate transactions for Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

Real estate transactions for Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019


Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Hodges, Robert L. Trust and Hodges, Karen L. Trust, to DeBlieck, Lorrin R. and Nancy L., 725 Bluestem Lane, Geneseo; $190,000.

Corwin, Virginia G.,to Jordan, Christopher S., 1021 Sixth Street, Colona; $38,000.

Densberger, James D. and Jennifer R., to Kyser, Joshua J. and Casey A., 301 Hickory Hills, Geneseo; $325,000.

Johnson, Peter H., to Kimball, Micyla K. and Aaron D., 1.52 acres, Warner Castle Road, Orion; $1,000.

Fulcher, Devin J. and Stacie, to Tuggle, Justin A., 7113 Talbot Road, Geneseo; $300,000.

Christian, Gerard L. and Rose M., to Aviles, Jose Louis Ramos, 111 S. Grace Avenue. Kewanee; $5,500.

Coleman, Stephen P. and Susan E., to DePauw, Michael and Mellony Ann, 16331 E. 1500 Street, Geneseo; $237,500.

Hurley, Bernard V./ Bernard and Christelle M., to Passini Dean C. Trust, vacant lot Glenwood Heights Road, Coal Valley; $105,000.

Bates, Evelyn, to Bates, Roger E., Adkinson, Diane B., Mowers, Susan B. and Edwards, Rita J., 220 S.E. Sixth Street, Galva, $10.00.

Johnson, Kathy L., to Stauffer, Elizabeth L. Living Trust 716 Roosevelt Avenue, Kewanee; $52,000.

VanDusen, Dale R. and Helen L., to Gearhart, John A. and Jennica L., 222 West Street South; $128,000.

Porschke, Yvonne, to Bennett, Breck R. and Erwin, Anastasia M., 909 Cleveland Road, Colona; $56,500.

Bank of New York Mellon, to File, Blaine and Alison, 24287 North High Street, Colona; $42,000.

Huber, Michael Lynn; Woomer, Rayeann; Perkins, Lisa Diane; Moore, Rhonda Denise; Huber, Norma J., to Nelson, Kenneth E., 303 E. Division Street, Galva; $53,000.

Pyle, Philip W. and Bonnie K., to Adkison, Connie, the west one-half of Lot 7 of Block 9 of Burlington View Addition to the town, now city of Kewanee, Henry County, Illinois; $12,500.


DeWitt Bank and Trust, Custodian for Grant McCaulley SD SEP IRA, DeWitt, to Cederoth Properties, Coal Valley; 3045 4th St., Unit 10, Moline; $40,000.

DeWitt Bank and Trust, Custodian for Grant McCaulley SD SEP IRA, DeWitt, to Cederoth Properties, Coal Valley; 3045 4th St., Unit 3, Moine; $39,000.

Race, Gerald D., trust, to Gonzalez, Andrea, Moline; 5209 12th Ave., Moline; 5209 12th Ave., Moline; $123,400.

Bowers, Timothy and Peggy, North Fort Myers, Fla., to Lambrecht, Jared and Charles, East Moline; 2809 10th St., East Moline; $149,900.

JIT CO., Rock Island, to Beardsley, Alison and Kriston, Rock Island; 1235 36th Ave., Rock Island; $189,000.

Simms, Martin R. and Kimberly A., co-trustees of the Simms Family trust, Port Byron, to VanOverberg, John S., Port Byron; $120,000.

Jurewicz, Christine, estate, Moline, to Koye, Tchelabalo, East Moline; 3569 3rd St. A., East Moline; $120,000.

Peterson, Doris Collier, Naperville, Ill., to RBH Resources, Colona; 2605 4th St. #A, East Moline; $95,000.

Martens, Jacob, Colona, to Dooley, Larry, Taylor Ridge; 10602 140th St. W., Taylor Ridge; $180,000.

Rasmussen, Jeffrey A. and Audrey J., Taylor Ridge; to Dorathy, Alec J. and Haylea J., Rock Island; 9329 114th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, 7.672 acre vacant lot; $78,000.

Prinz, Annie L., Washington, Mo., to Irwin, Janet, Rock Island; 3708 30th Ave., Unit 3, Rock Island; $128,000.

Bazarbayeva, Mukadas, Brooklyn, N.Y., to Solis, Adan, Moline; 5310 28th ave., Moline; $124,000.

Rodriguez, Samuel and Tammy L., Moline, to Torres, Walter J., East Moline; 652-654 16th Ave., East Moline; $65,000.

Stearns, Virginia, Dewey, Ariz., to Rodman, Chance, Moline; 2429 15th Ave., Moline; $114,900.

Candlelight Ridge, Davenport, to Cortez, Vince and Scudder, Susan, Milan; 3418 Shadow Wood Ct., Milan; land/lot, $1,000.

Collins, Joseph B., Moline, to Esch, Alex J. , Rock Island; 17 Blackhawk Hills Drive, Rock Island; $77,465. 

Woehr, Gaylen Rae, Moline, to Dennis, Andrew J. and Kathleen M., Moline; 4322 17th Ave., Moline; $150,000.

Wilks, Scott W., Cedar Falls, Iowa, to Ruggles, Orathai, Moline; 930 17th St., #17, Moline; $60,770.

Lopez, Joshua R. and Jessica J., Geneseo, to Flahaven, Jeremy D., Moline; 4221 18th Ave., Moline; $120,000.

Strassburger, Sheila M., East Moline, to Marvin, Trudy M., East Moline; 1800 - 7th St., Unit 8B, East Moline; $73,500.

Regions Bank Trust, Peoria, to Rosquist, Dianna, East Moline; 203 N. 21st St., East Moline; $10,000.

The East Moline Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Moline, to Mojo Associates, Moline; 7002 John Deere Parkway, Moline, office/church; $235,000.

Lambrecht, Jared C. and Charles G., East Moline, to Teel, Ella, Moline; 440 45th St., Moline; $89,000.

Beardsley, Kriston, Rock Island, to Smith, Donald, Rock Island; 1405 40th Ave., Rock Island; $299,000.

JICTB, Champaign, to Rodriguez, Gerardo, East Moline; 1515 10th Ave., East Moline; $20,000.

Park, Erlyne F. and Carol J., co-trustees, Park, Erlyne F., trust, Rock Island, to Walters, Robert S., East Moline; 518 Avenue of the Cities, East Moline; $94,900.

Ascentra Credit Union, Bettendorf, to Urban Rehab, Davenport; 1850 15th St., Moline; $52,000.

Willits, Kathleen M., Milan, to Selby Enterprises, Moline; 635 8th Ave. W., Milan; $5,050.

Drollsbaugh, Christopher R. and Amber C., Manitowoc, Wis., to Hageman, Jacob R., Moline; 3816 32nd Ave., Moline; $106,500.

Ziegler Holdings, Coal Valley, to Foley, Nick, Silvis; 1009 22nd Ave., Silvis; $85,965. 

Depron, Steve and Carol, Rock Island, to Stockwell, Joel and Jessica; 3833 26th St., Rock Island; $225,000.

Nunez, Cesar and Maria, Silvis, to Jones, Anthony C., East Moline; 251 15th Ave., East Moline; $69,500.

Fleming, Brian S. and Amanda R., Davenport, to Minnis, Roy E. and Mary E., East Moline; 3515 6th St., East Moline; $249,759.

Nonnenmann, Benjamin J. and Lorien E., Taylor Ridge, to Keegan, Daniel, Rock Island; 9013 33rd St. Ct. W., Rock Island; $189,000.

Kirchhoff, Sandra K., East Moline, to Alvarez, Jose and Ana, Moline; 4222 36th Ave., Moline; $140,000.

Chapman, Joel R. and Christine M., Milan, to Jackson, Beonca T., Rock Island; 3114 18th Ave., Rock Island; $81,000.

Schipper, Kenneth G., Cordova, to Jepson, Scott A. and Judy C., Cordova; Lot 20 in Skipper's Subclusion, .69 acres, Cordova land/lot only; $37,500.

Boynton, Lenny R., Moline, to Woller III, Fred, Rock Island; 1530 9th Ave., Rock Island; $52,500.

Harrison, Andre and Soliz, Angela Marie, Davenport, to Simon, Mathew T., Rock Island; 908 15th St., Rock Island; $48,000.

Virdi, Prem S., Moline, trust, to Transitions, Rock Island; 2202 18th Ave., Rock Island; $215,000.

Ayers, Kaylee B. Bettendorf, to Milefchik, Ronald J., Moline; 3105 4th St., Moline; $82,000.

The Money Source, Meriden, Conn., to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Nashville, Tenn.; 3305 31st Ave., Rock Island; $141,507.

Weaver, Laura B. and Patrick A., Rock Island, to Singleton, Trent, Rock Island; 2218 46th St., Rock Island; $110,500.

Plumb, Rick, Taylor Ridge, to Kavanaugh, Nicklus, Moline; 3042 7th St., Moline; $87,000.

Nelson, James A., Normal, to Neumiller Farms, Savanna; 18323 236th St., N., Cordova, 80 acre farm; $950,000.

Nelson, Eleanor J., Erie, to Neumiller Farms, Savanna; 18323 N. 236th St., Cordova; $100,000.

Friberg, Myron and Lea Anne, Platteville, Wis., to Meyer, Mona, Rock Island; 3520 37th Ave., Rock Island; $128,000.

Mosher, Jeannine, East Moline, to Johnson, Joel, East Moline; 338 N. 2nd Ave., East Moline; $82,500.

Allen, Thelma, Orey, Sherry, trustee, Silvis, to Stevenson, Charles and Judith A., 1156 46th Ave., East Moline; $115,000.

Gruber, Jacqueline N. and Mark, Moline, to Gould, Ryan W. and Meghin A., Moline; 4815 27th Ave., Moline; $144,900.

Cook, Christian N., Orion, to Vandusseldorp, Jared, Rock Island; 8304 7th St. W., Rock Island; $103,500.

Kerr, Yvonne, Rock Island, to Quintana, Alvaro, Moline; 1001 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $30,000.

Medinger, Lacey D. and Justin, Silvis, to Everett, Shena R. and Krystal L.; 1817 13th St., Silvis; $174,500.

Heirs of Goderis, June, Moline, to Potter, Mark, East Moline; 254 31st Ave., East Moline; $60,900.


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