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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note:

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note:

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price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.

Rock Island County

warranty deeds

Northwest Bank and Trust Company, trustee, to Raymond-Schutters, Kathy and Curtis, Francette, Moline; 2125 16th St., Moline; $73,000.

Pemberton, Rosie estate, to Mueck, Philletta and Billups, Elbert, Rock Island; 1500 6th St. and 1504 6th St., Rock Island; $3,000.

Hagland, Melvin trust, Moline, to VerCautren, Douglas, Cordova; 102 and 104 2nd St., Cordova; $90,000.

Quaintance, Joel and Janet, Prophetstown, to Hillestad, Roger and Tina, Port Byron; 94th Ave. N., Port Byron; $40,000.

Blumenstein, Mearl estate, Rock Island, to Augustana College of Rock Island; 1201, 1207 and 1207 1/2 30th St., Rock Island; $80,000.

Bank One, as trust, Moline, to DPC and Associates L.L.C., Moline; 5140 and 5202 38th Ave., Moline; $295,000.

Platinum Properties Ltd., Moline, to Van Vooren, Joseph, East Moline; 1800 9th St., Unit 9E, East Moline; $56,500.

Wright, Allen and Annette, Colona, to Vanderheiden, Trent, Moline; 1420 16th St., Moline; $67,700.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, Irving, Texas, to Gutting, Donald, Rock Island; 4438 10th Ave., Rock Island; $30,000.

Saunders, William and Judy, Delaware, Ohio, to VanOpdorp, Terry and Debra, Rock Island; 2101 29 1/2 St., Rock Island; $182,500.

Rouse, Paul, Moline, to Martinez, Fancisco and Kathleen, Moline; 428 17th Ave., Moline; $69,500.

Terry Leighton Custom Homes Inc., Blue Grass, Iowa, to Pinkston, Patrick and Nancy, Milan; 12915 25th St. Ct., Milan; $295,000.

Hardesty, Cathleen, Moline, to Vital, Robert and Maria, Moline; 5024 52nd Ave., Moline; $115,000.

Truitt, Bettie, Muscatine, to Newkirk, Jody and Valerie, Morrison; 3653 8th St. Ct., East Moline; $113,500.

Larson, John, Rock Island, to Hostens, Melanie, Rock Island; 1832 43rd St., Rock Island; $75,000.

Thomas, David, Moline, to Mutum, John, Milan; 422 West 2nd Ave., Milan; $12,000.

Elliott, Bernie, Rock Island, to Lievens, David and Margit, Rock Island; 2936 River Heights Rd., Rock Island; $175,000.

Duyvejonck, Lorine estate, Moline, to Driessens, Kari, Moline; 2309 3rd St., Moline; $107,000.

Bartz, Royce and Alice, Moline, to Vallejo, Felix and Mary, Moline; 1116 12th Ave., Moline; $33,600.

Conley, Barbara, estate, Moline, to Krueger, Karen, Moline; 2018 2nd St., Moline; $37,000.

Arnold, Charles and Norma, Moline, to Dehm, Blake, Moline; 1223 16th Ave., Moline; $57,500.

Bailey, Thomas and Janet, Columbus, Ind., to Kuffler, Kory and Lisa, Moline; 1828 32nd St., Moline; $89,500.

First Baptist Church of Moline, to Bailey, Thomas and Janet, Moline; 1828 32nd St., Moline; $66,000.

Chan, Steffanie, Garden Grove, Calif., to Hickerson, Gregory, Rock Island; 2046 39th St., Rock Island; $64,900.

Verschoore, Joseph and Jacqueline, Geneseo, to Vruble, Robert and Sandra, Taylor Ridge; vacant land, Andalusia Township, Taylor Ridge; $31,110.

Bowman Trust, to Leemans, Albert and Yvonne, Moline; 5104 11th Ave. A., Moline; $95,000.

Grymonprez, Charles, estate, to Dobbels, Scott, Silvis; 1908 14th St., Silvis; $49,000.

Quinn, Salomea, Hampton, to Ademi, John, Oswego, Ill.; 421 State Ave., Hampton; $165,000.

Gonzales, Denise, Chicago, to Wills, Steven, Rock Island; 3624 38th St., Unit 6; Rock Island; $127,000.

G.A. and J. Baker Realty Corp., Moline, to Hardesty, Cathleen, Moline; 1804 34th St., Moline; $40,000.

Lundahl, John, Princeton, Ill., to Rittenhouse, Donald and Patrice, Moline; 3423 50th St., Moline; $133,500.

Terrey, William, Hiram, Ga., to Lavery, Michael, Rock Island; 2017 23rd St., Rock Island; $72,000.

City of Moline, to Smith, Jon, Moline; 1870 23rd Ave., Moline; $21,500.

City of Moline, to Smith, Jon, Moline; 1872 23rd Ave., Moline; $1,500.

Rampot, Albert and Barbara, Lakeview, Ark., to Morris, Mark and Sharon, Rock Island; 2833 9th Ave., Rock Island; $71,900.

Hatten, Verda, East Moline, to Daxon, Thomas and Patricia, Moline; 409 12th Ave., Silvis; $35,000.

Brehm, John and Mary, Charleston, W.Va.,to Tim Dolan Development, Bettendorf; 15 EAgle Pointe Pass, Rapids City, $383,000.

Andale Inc., Moline, to Harris, Andrew and Russell, Robeta, Galesburg; 1605 East 5th St., Coal Valley; $189,600.

Bealer, Beverly, Moline, to Andale Inc., Moline; 1602 E. 5th St., Coal Valley; $29,000.

Bruckner, Lawrence, Thomson, Ill., to Esparza, Efren Jr., East Moline; 3623 4th Ave., East Moline; $10,000.

Phillips, Bette, Pittsburgh, Pa., to Ellis, Wanda, East Moline; about 95 acres farm ground, Hampton Township, Hampton; $167,500.

Baud, Walter and Gertrude, Rock Island, to Metrobank, trustee, East Moline; 1720 22nd St., Rock Island; $195,000.

Bivens, Ronald, estate, Taylor Ridge, to McManus, Jefferey and Tammy, Taylor Ridge; 9322 142nd St. Court West, Taylor Ridge; $4,040.45.

Foley, Robert, Moline, to Richardson, Steven and Patricia, Moline; 3916 49th Ave., Moline; $69,900.

Knapp, Thomas, Louisville, Ky., to Carleton, Kenneth and Melissa, Moline; 934 23rd St., Moline; $85,900.

Bishop, Russell and Jeanette, Moline, to Platinum Properties Ltd., Moline; 2419 23rd Ave., Moline; $37,000.

Bluedorn, William and Victoria, Milan, to Blankenship, Scott and Candy, Andalusia; 12.93 acres in Bowling Township, Taylor Ridge; $45,255.

Kuehl, Joyce and Millard, Judith, Moline, to Puck, Matthew, Moline; 3504 15th St. A., Moline; $97,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, Irving, Texas, to Whipple, John, East Moline; 1036 16th St., Rock Island; $11,000.

Yuknis, Matthew, Colona, to Laciste, Florentino and Jocelyne, Moline; 3407 35th Ave., Moline; $140,000.

Solar Acres Inc., East Moline, to Longbons, Wallace and Mildred, Carbon Cliff;2025 Villa Pince Circle, Carbon Cliff; $184,500.

Madsen, John and Mary, Rock Island, to Ossowski, Christopher, Rock Island; 1485 46th Ave., Rock Island; $97,000.

Johns, Deborah, East Moline, to Marsh, Ruth, Hampton; 1202 8th St. Court, Hampton; $70,600.

Fitz, Robert, estate, Moline, to Fuller, Katrina, Rock Island; 2918 20th Ave., Rock Island; $92,000.

Miers, Mike and Loretta, Milan, to Hong, Christopher and Angel, Milan; 532 West 14th Ave., Milan; $125,000.

Wells, Rita, estate, Rock Island, to Slaughter, Vanita, Rock Island; 3211 18th Ave., Rock Island; $69,900.

Sullivan, Bernard and Sandra, Moline, to Peterson, John and Merridith, Cordova; 1.49 acres in Cordova Township, Cordova; $40,000.

Sullivan, Robert estate, Moline, to Peterson, John and Merridith, Cordova; 1.49 acres, Cordova; $40,000.

Smith, Michael, Northfield, Ill., to Browne, Christopher, Coal Valley; 2407 38th St., Moline; $86,500.

Soliz, Kevin and Tracy, East Moline, to Swinehart, Timothy and Jennifer, Silvis; 1110 4th Ave., Silvis; $82,405.

DeClerck, Robert and Marilyn trustees, Reynolds, to Scherer, Wayne, trustee, Milan; 2.45 acres in Bowling Township, Reynolds; $4,900.

Sowers, Ivan and Kelly, Coal Valley, to Burkart, Keri, East Moline; 4255 10th St., East Moline; $60,000.

Wyffels, Helen, trust, Rock Island, to Lyle, Mary Ann, Rock Island; 3211 35th St., Rock Island; $50,000.

Wyffels, George, trust, Rock Island, to Lyle, Mary Ann, Rock Island; 3211 35th St., Rock Island; $50,000.

Miller, Dennis, Bettendorf, to Hirst Construction Co., Moline; vacant land in South Moline Township, Moline; $25,000.

Welsh, Hazel, Hampton, to Hatfield, Michael and Sherry, Port Byron; 1313 2nd St. S., Cordova; $149,000.

Leuntjens, Marjorie, East Moline, to Steele, Joseph, Moline; 357 15th Ave., Moline; $58,000.

Engh, Robert, estate, Moline, to Stone, Elizabeth, Moline; 1401 28th Ave., Moline; $105,000.

Lowery, Clarence, estate, Rock Island, to Swanson, Kenneth, Moline; 2355 48th St., Moline; $88,900.

Schmidtke, Dale, Andalusia, to McKillip, James, Andalusia; 228 8th Ave. E., Andalusia; $92,000.

Associated Bank ILlinois, Rockford, to Schmidtke, Dale and LaDonna, Andalusia; 228 8th Ave. E., Andalusia; $37,500.

Beaudoin, Michael, Moline, to Stout, Sherell, Silvis; 2402 11th St., Silvis; $78,500.

York, Patricia, estate, East Moline, to Liedtke, Kolleen, Moline; 725 21st St. A., Moline; $24,000.

Kurijer, Marsha, Silvis, to Webster, Carl and Barbara, Silvis; 515 10th Ave., Silvis; $85,000.

Price, Timothy and Kimberly, Moline, to Contract Funding LLC, Coal Valley; 552 24th Ave., Moline; $68,000.

Villafana, Ramon and Martha, Rock Island, to Gallardo, Gerardo and Hortencia, Moline; 4425 7th Ave., Rock Island; $30,500.

Conseco Finance Corp, Tempe, Ariz., to Swanson, Brad and Patricia, Moline; 5015 52nd Ave., Moline; $67,000.

MidAmerican Energy Compnay, Des Moines, Iowa, to Moline Consumers Company, Moline; Vandruff's Island; $108,000.

Waddell, Dennis and Swain, Tony, Rock Island, to Channell, Mary Ann, Milan; 420 East 6th St., MIlan; $36,900.

First Union Home Equity Bank, Raleigh, N.C., to Versole, Richard and Lubell, David, Bettendorf; 532 20th Ave., Moline; $35,000.

Bremer, Marlis, Moline, to Barnes, Lucille, Rock Island; 1404 11th St., Rock Island; $16,500.

Beal, Daniel and Debra, Hillsdale, to Fuller, Thomas and Deana, Rapids City; 910 16th St., Rapids City, $88,500.

Jacobson, Lois, Rock Island, to Kyle, Leonard, East Moline; 213 18th St., Rock Island; $48,000.

MBP, Inc., an Illinois corporation, Bettendorf, to Welsh, Hazel, Hampton; 15 Lighthouse Lane, $215,000.

Disterhoft, Evelyn, East Moline, to Krause, Jarod, East Moline; 1299 48th Ave. Apt. 10, East Moline; $54,900.

Van Hoe, Tammy, to Reiling, Louis and Lawwill, Cara, East Moline; 2016 11th St., Pl., East Moline; $133,500.

Dittsworth, Chris and Lisa, Moline; Johnston, Jeffrey and Kristi, Moline; 2418 47th St., Moline; $59,900.

Sharp, Dewey and Linda, Milan, to Jackson, John, Milan; 7525 25th St., Milan; $44,000.

Longbons, Wallace and Mildred, Carbon Cliff, to VanHoe, Michael and Tammy, East Moline; 1155 20th Ave., East Moline; $205,000.

Cordell, Keith and Margene, East Moline, to Martinez, Shirley nka Phillips, Shirley, Moline; 902/904 7th St., Moline; $22,500.

Pahl, Hazel, Dacula, Ga., to Barger, Jeannette, Rock Island; 2735 8th Ave., Rock Island; $18,555.

Simenec, Daryl, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Tank, Alvin Jr., Rock Island; 2911 43rd St., Rock Island; $72,000.

Gusse, Jacqueline, Davenport, to Wassenhove, Jeffrey and Denise, Moline; 2904 12th Ave., Moline; $102,500.

Granado, Paul and Emeterio, Moline, to Merino, Javier, Moline; 207 4th Ave., Moline; $18,000.

Vande Voorde, Orma, East Moline, to Jansen, Thomas, Moline; 310 30th Ave.Ct. 8, Moline; $48,000.

Pobanz, Sandra, Moline, to Ganea, Anemarie, Davenport; 3137 4th St., Moline; $72,000.

Massa, James, Moline, to Cordova Housing Limited Partnership, Moline; 3rd St. and 12th Ave., Cordova; $50,000.

Lueth, Nola, East Moline, to Fauser, Anthony and Angela, Carbon Cliff; 120 State St., Carbon Cliff, $54,800.

Seaholm, Dale, Coal Valley, to McChurch, Minday, Rock Island; 2615 23 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $63,000.

Posateri, Amy, Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., to Shepard, Brandy, Rock Island; 1628 18th Ave., Unit 12, Rock Island; $40,000.

DeVore, Kevin and Evelyn, Muscatine, to Conaway, Gordon and Sherri, Illinois City; 13703 238th St., Illinois City; $65,010.

Sonam Corporation, Corpus Christi, Texas, to Rahkee Corporation, Rock Island; 4300 11th St., Rock Island; Motel; $375,000.


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