MILAN — Trustees learned Monday that the village of Milan has made more than $45,000 off of video gaming machines this year.

Currently, nine establishments have video gaming machines, with 25 percent of the profits going to the village. That adds up to $45,283 for the year.

"It's a significant amount of revenue," Mayor Duane Dawson said. "That's a new employee ... even with benefits."

Mayor Dawson admits he was skeptical video gambling would be good for Milan but said area businesses report more customers as a result.

"They're there, they're legal, and apparently people are enjoying them," Mayor Dawson said of the games.

He noted the state also receives a good chunk of money from video gaming machines.

"We would think the state would be in pretty good financials," he joked.

Trustees on Monday also:

— Approved spending $4,105 for a flatbed trailer from Mississippi Truck & Trailer Repair for the water/sewer department to haul a portable generator during emergencies.

— Learned attendance was down at the MIP Arts & Crafts Fair this weekend. Organizers say they believe a major reason is that many vendors now sell online.


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