WHAT WE KNOW: At the June 24 meeting, an extended discussion took place concerning overtime pay versus compensatory time within the police department. On July 2, a public safety meeting was held to iron out those issues.

WHAT'S NEW: At Monday’s meeting, Trustee Kevin Hamilton (public safety chair) presented revised language on the matter to the full board in order to clarify the village’s policy. Upon review, Trustee Mickey VanDieren suggested further revision, and, as a result, approval of the new policy was tabled in order to incorporate VanDieren’s suggestion into the policy. It will be placed on the July 22 agenda for final approval.

Also at Monday’s meeting, the board approved purchase of new controls for the water tower at a cost not to exceed $50,000, and a new flusher unit for the hydrant located at the Heritage Center at a cost of $2,438.

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Also approved was a motion to allow Officer Jessica Adams to purchase from the village her custom-fit tactical vest and pants for $150. Adams has accepted a position with another department and will leave the employ of the village.

WHAT’S NEXT: President Rich Vershaw will seek a meeting with East Moline and other surrounding communities to discuss water and sewer treatment fees and costs. In conjunction with that, payment of the village’s water/sewer fees paid to East Moline are being withheld pending that discussion.

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