Jim Bark and volunteer Brian Loy of Trees and More look out over floodwaters from the Mississippi River being kept at bay by sandbags on Bark's property Monday, April 29, in Cordova. 

WHAT WE KNOW: Cordova property owners Jim and Angela Bark have been working with the village of Cordova to come up with a plan to deal with water drainage issues in their yard and home on 3rd Street.

The Barks maintain that storm water drainage from the Shamrock Villas senior housing units and the 2nd Street drainage project are the main sources of the excess water flooding their yard.

While the Barks admit that Mississippi River floodwaters also impacted their property this year, they said two previous mayors have promised them a fix for the drainage issues.

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The Barks contend that the village bears responsibility since it approved the engineering plans over a decade ago and paid MSA Professional Services around $5,000 for mitigation plans, which they say have been on hold for four years. The current board acknowledges the role of past administrations in the ongoing issue.

WHAT'S NEW: At a meeting last week, Mayor Jim Boone said he had been looking into using tax-increment financing funds to pay for a storm-water retention project for the Barks, but their property lies outside of of the TIF district. Some board members questioned whether this could be done since the Shamrock Villas are in the TIF district, and the engineering has been blamed for the adjacent property flooding. Boone said the village “has not exhausted all the options yet,” and the board will keep discussing options during the next committee meeting.

WHAT'S NEXT: The board learned that the salt shed construction is nearly complete; all the fire extinguishers in the village will be checked soon; Dumpster Days will be held in October; and a senior golf cart tour will roll through town on Sept. 3. The board received documents to move forward with a Boat Access Area Development grant and agreed to pay the $2,000 award fee to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to complete the agreement. 

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