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Geneseo man charged with aggravated battery, DUI and spitting on police officer

Geneseo man charged with aggravated battery, DUI and spitting on police officer

CAMBRIDGE – A Geneseo man will see his aggravated battery of a peace officer and aggravated driving under the influence charges move forward in Henry County Circuit Court.

Matthew L. Nicholson, 35, was charged October 2 with Class 2 felony aggravated battery of a peace officer, Class 2 felony aggravated driving under the influence/3 and Class 4 felony aggravated driving under the influence/license suspended or revoked.

During Monday's preliminary hearing, Geneseo police officer Daniel Davis testified to being dispatched to a two-vehicle accident at the trailer court on South Stewart Street. He said he arrived to find Nicholson laying on the ground. Several witnesses said Nicholson had been driving a blue Ford Focus and crashed into a vehicle, backed up and exited his vehicle.

Davis said a man told Nicholson he was calling the police and Nicholson begged him not to and then entered his home after him, grabbing his neck and hitting and punching him. Nicholson then tangled with a bystander, ultimately laying down on the ground before Officer Davis arrived.

Davis said he asked Nicholson if he could hear him when he arrived, to which Nicholson said 'yes.' Others said he was extremely intoxicated and Davis saw alcohol in his car. Ultimately he began resisting arrest, refusing the officer's request for him to lay down and yelling at the five officers present, resisting with his shoulders and forcing them to pick him up by his arms and legs, at which point Nicholson spit on Davis' leg.

Davis said in Nicholson's car he saw an open bottle of liquor with less than half the liquid gone as well as a case of Keystone Light beer, however, he didn't see any open beer cans.

Davis also said the original complaint was squealing tires in the neighborhood of Richmond Hill Park, then they heard of the accident in front of Lot 19 at the trailer park.

Judge Clayton Lee found probable cause to believe a felony was committed and an Oct. 24 pretrial hearing was set. Nicholson remains in custody on a $100,000 bond.



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