Phil Jordan, left, president of the Antique Engine & Tractor Association, accepts the keys to a 1956 Case 300 tractor from Janet Goodell, who, with her family, is donating the tractor to the AE&TA in memory of her late husband, Gail Goodell. 

GENESEO — A 1956 Case 300 tractor that belonged to the late Gail Goodell will have a new home at the show grounds of the Antique Engine & Tractor Association.

Goodell’s wife, Janet, son, David, and daughter, Diane Baker, all of Prophetstown, donated the tractor to the association. Goodell was an active member until his death in April 2019.

Janet Goodell said, “We have a variety of 13 different tractors, a little bit of everything, and Gail was partial to John Deere.”

“We were going to display the Case at this year’s show, and we decided because we don’t have any attachment to that tractor, we would display it and leave it there,” she said.

The Goodell family also had designated the AE&TA as a charity in Gail Goodell’s memorial contributions.

“We are very appreciative of the donation from the Goodell family,” said Phil Jordan, president of the AE&TA.

“Janet told me the family was going to donate the Case tractor to the AE&TA, and she said once it was donated, we could keep it, raffle it off, or sell it, and that it was ours to do with whatever we wanted,” Jordan said. “I just stated to her that with Gail’s involvement in AE&TA and all the support that he has given us over the years, it would be my decision that the Case 300 will remain a part of the AE&TA in honor of him.”

“We will display it every year and keep his name on it, and we may use it around the show grounds,” Jordan said.


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