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Davenport women miss - by inches - being struck by driver who rammed squad car in Rock Island

Davenport women miss - by inches - being struck by driver who rammed squad car in Rock Island

District crash

"Pull over! Pull over as far as you can!"

Rashell Murphey, 33, of Davenport, yelled when she saw a driver coming toward her and her friend, who was driving, early Sunday in The District.

Later Sunday, Murphey barely could believe her luck after she and her friend went to visit a stand selling Chinese food and missed - only by inches - what could have been a disaster for the two women.

After police tried to arrest a man wanted on federal charges, a driver rammed a Rock Island police squad car twice early Sunday near the plaza in Rock Island, according to police.

Police Sgt. Ryan DeRudder said the incident happened about 1:30 a.m. at 18th Street and Second Avenue in a parking lot by the plaza in The District.

Video of the incident continues to circulate on social media, including Facebook and YouTube, showing a vehicle backing up and ramming the squad car. Then it pulls ahead, strikes the squad car again, then leaves the parking lot, narrowly missing officers in the vicinity who tried to stop it.

"Officers were trying to arrest a violent felon on a warrant by U.S. Marshals," DeRudder said.

Officers, who surrounded the vehicle pounded on it to get the driver to stop, were not injured, he said, and there were no other reports of injuries.

There was no gunfire, he said.

The two women were right behind the squad car when it was struck.

"There's a T intersection there," Murphey said. "We were heading south and making our way toward the stop sign." 

"We heard a 'boom' when he first backed into the police car." 

"He missed us by inches," said Murphey, who said her friend drove up a little on the curb while the other driver went around them. 

"The car in front of him had to go into reverse to get out of his way," Murphey said.

She is surprised at how many people were in the area. 

"Last night is the only night I have seen that many people around," she said. "There were people everywhere.

DeRudder would not elaborate on other details about the warrant.

DeRudder asked anyone with information about the disturbance to call Rock Island police at 309-732-2677.


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