UPDATE: The man whose body was found Sunday in the Mississippi River near Andalusia has been identified as Paul L. Domine, 51, a homeless man from Davenport, Rock Island County Coroner Brian Gustafson said Wednesday.

Domine's identify was confirmed through his tattoos, his left thumbprint, and the plates and screws in his leg, the coroner said. 

His death was being considered a presumed drowning as of Wednesday, Gustafson said. 

Full body x-rays identified the past leg injury and showed no other major skeletal injuries, Gustafson said. Further examination showed no external injuries or trauma. 

Gustafson said no autopsy was planned as of Wednesday morning because it was no longer needed. The procedure would have allowed them to more closely examine the leg screws and plates to determine Domine's identity or to look for internal injuries. 

How and when Domine wound up in the river is still under investigation, Gustafson said. The case is being handled jointly by the coroner's office, the Rock Island County Sheriff's Office, and the Rock Island and Davenport police departments.

Monday, July 30, 2019

An autopsy tentatively scheduled for Tuesday on a man pulled from the Mississippi River has been postponed.

The Rock Island County Sheriff's Office was called about 1:30 p.m. Sunday to an island in the river east of Andalusia, according to a sheriff's department release. A person boating on the river had spotted a body floating near the island.

The Rock Island County Sheriff's Office boat, along with Davenport Fire Department, Rock Island Fire Department and Andalusia Fire Department boats assisted in the recovery of the body.

The doctor who normally performs the procedure for the county was not available, and the autopsy may take place later this week, said Brian Gustafson, Rock Island County coroner.

On Monday, a sheriff's office spokesman said the body was that of a white man who had a tattoo on his left forearm and also had had a medical procedure on his right leg that included metal screws and plates to stabilize the work. The procedure was described as an "open reduction internal fixation."

Anyone who has information that could identify the man is asked to contact the sheriff's office at 309-558-3827.


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