Two people are serving sentences for a December shooting in East Moline believed related to a feud between gang members that resulted in a man being killed two days later in Moline.

The East Moline police were called early Dec. 7 for a report of gunfire striking a house in the 2000 block of 9th Avenue, according to authorities. No one was hurt, and shortly after the attack, Emily Ledesma, 19, East Moline; and Jaonte Webb, 18, Moline, were among those arrested.

Ledesma was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm, while Webb was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, according to court records. As part of plea deals with the Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office, both have pleaded guilty and been sentenced.

Webb received 18 months in an Illinois Department of Corrections prison when he pleaded guilty to the unlawful use charge on May 9, records state. He got credit for time served and day-for-day credit, meaning he would serve about half of the listed sentence. Once his incarceration is complete, he must serve a year of mandatory supervised release.

Ledesma pleaded guilty to the reckless discharge of a firearm charge on May 23 and was sentenced during the same hearing to 30 months of probation and 180 days in the Rock Island County Jail, records state.

She also qualified for credit for time served and day-for-day credit, but her jail sentence was stayed pending her successful compliance with requirements imposed upon her by the court.

Both waived their presentence investigations, records state. Such investigations are designed to provide a background report judges can use when determining defendants’ sentences.

An East Moline teen, 15 at the time of the attack, was charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, according to the East Moline police. He was not identified because of his age.

The East Moline police said Wednesday that the teen was convicted in juvenile court and now was free after serving some time in juvenile detention. Further details were not provided about him.

Few details of juvenile cases are made public unless the defendants are charged as adults.

The teen, Ledesma and Webb were the only ones arrested because of the Dec. 7 attack, police said on Wednesday.

Two days after the East Moline attack, William T. Fowler, 31, of Moline, was shot when gunmen attacked a house in the 400 block of 8th Street, Moline. Fowler later died.

The attack was the result of a feud between rival factions of a gang identified as the Maniac Latin Disciples, according to the Moline police. Fowler was an innocent bystander.

Nathan C. Luten, 29, East Moline; Rory D. Bruno Jr., 18, Silvis; and Emilio W. Rivera, 16, East Moline, were all charged with first-degree murder in relation to Fowler’s death, according to authorities. Rivera was initially charged as a juvenile, but in June was transferred to adult court.

Luten specifically has been identified in court records and testimony as a member or former member of the gang and being involved in the feud.

In late 2018, the Moline police confirmed the conflict between the two factions, including that it caused several incidents involving gunfire. At that time, a department spokesman said investigators believed there was no longer an imminent threat to the community and that one faction had been arrested as a result of Fowler's killing.

The Dec. 7 attack of which Ledesma, Webb and the teen (identified only as “MJ”) were accused, is believed to be one of those earlier incidents, according to documents filed in relation to Ledesma and Webb’s cases.

The three were also associated with the Maniac Latin Disciples, according to the court documents.

The Dec. 7 attack was believed a retaliation for a shots-fired incident that happened on Dec. 2 in the 200 block of 16th Avenue, East Moline, records state. “MJ” was a victim in that incident.

Luten was believed involved in that gunfire complaint, possibly as a suspect, the documents state, which mentioned the feud and identified Luten as being involved in it.

The Dec. 7 attack targeted a residence associated with Luten, court records state.

The East Moline police said a person who witnessed the Dec. 7 attack told officers that, after the gunshots, a white vehicle fled the area. An officer then located a vehicle matching the description leaving the area and stopped it.

Two people tried to run away from the vehicle, but both were captured, police said. Officers also recovered a handgun and shotgun believed used in the attack.

Authorities contend Ledesma drove the group to the 2000 block of 9th Avenue, where Webb and “MJ” got out, records state. “MJ” then fired the shotgun at a home. Webb’s alleged actions after leaving the vehicle were not detailed.

After the gunfire, Webb and “MJ” got back in the vehicle, and Ledesma drove away, the documents state. During the traffic stop, Webb and “MJ” were identified as the two who attempted to flee the police.

“MJ” was captured immediately, and police found the shotgun where he had been sitting, documents state. Webb was found a short distance away, and officers searching the area near where he was arrested found a loaded, .25-caliber handgun.

Ledesma and Webb were both in custody when Fowler was killed, according to court documents. Documents for the juvenile were not available.

The cases against Luten, Bruno and Rivera were pending as of Wednesday, and all three remained in custody, according to court records.


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