CAMBRIDGE — A Kewanee man charged with six counts Class X felony home invasion appeared Monday in Henry County Circuit Court for a preliminary hearing.

Jacques K. Nile, 19, was charged June 26 with the home invasion counts as well as Class 3 felon in possession of a firearm.

Kewanee Police Sergeant Michael Minx testified to investigating a shooting at 102 N. Vine Street in the early morning hours of June 24. He said state police were also called in on the investigation.

According to Minx, Officers Justin Reed, William Rivord and Andrew Kingdon responded to the call and found two victims on the front porch of the downstairs apartment with blood on both of them.

The male said he was sitting at the kitchen table when the door was kicked in and two suspects came in, one pointing a gun at him and saying, 'Where's the money at?' over and over. He said he then heard a loud bang and felt something strike the back of his head. Minx said the male had superficial lacerations, most likely from the gun striking the back of his head.

Police found a gun hole in the ceiling and located the bullet that came to rest in a couch in the upstairs apartment.

In the downstairs apartment, the female victim said she was sleeping and woke up to hear the male screaming her name and standing at the end of her bed and she got up to intercede and was struck twice with the gun.

Minx said the two were taken to the hospital and the male identified the suspect in a photo lineup, and he said when the suspect's voice was played for him he was 100% sure of his identity and Nile was someone he knew frequented the upstairs apartment and was there earlier that day. Two other occupants of the upstairs apartment also said Nile frequented the upstairs apartment.

The search of the upstairs apartment led to a .45-caliber handgun and ammunition in a dresser drawer that was consistent with the shell casing located downstairs. The upstairs apartment occupant, Davijon Robinson, had possessed the handgun, but police were not sure if he was the owner or not, according to Minx.

Minx said Robinson's 15-year-old girlfriend told them it was his gun and he loaned it to Nile who said he was going to rob someone later that night.

Nile told authorities he was with his girlfriend all day Sunday, June 23, into Monday, but he later changed his story and said he was in Chicago visiting relatives.

Minx said the male had lacerations to his scalp and the female had lacerations to the side of her head requiring stitches. He said police had not been able to identify who the second suspect was or who struck the pair.

Nile remains in custody on $750,000 bond. Judge Terry Patton found probable cause to believe a felony was committed, and an Aug. 15 pre-trial hearing was set.


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