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Russel Christ

Candidates for contested races in Henry, Mercer and Rock Island counties were asked to respond to questionnaires. The answers submitted by this candidate follow. Candidates' answers will be included in a voter's guide to be published Oct. 28 in the Dispatch-Argus.

Age: 68

Address: 60 Hawthorne Road, Rock Island;

Political party: Republican

Office: Rock Island County clerk

Education: Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology (BSIT), graduated in 1971, Kansas State College of Pittsburg, recieved Howard White Memorial Award.

Occupation: Retired

Political experience: South Rock Island Township 15th Precinct Committeeman, second vice chairman Rock Island County GOP, poll watcher and deputy registrar.

Why running: After watching how the current county clerk functions, I decided “It is Time” for a fresh new evaluation of the county clerk’s processes and policies serving the residents of Rock Island County. The office has been under Democratic control for decades. I want to TAP -- (Trust) (Accuracy) (Performance) -- into the resources of a well-trained staff to provide trusted election results, accurate voter registration data, and cost-effective operation respecting taxpayer funds.

Key issue:

1. Move away from the touch-screen voting machines and vote on paper ballots. Def Con hack-a-thon in Las Vegas is able to hack touch-screen voting machines with ease. Optical ScanTabulator Voting Machines also have software which can be hacked, but there is a paper ballot that can be used to verify the vote.

2. Verify voter registration rolls: The current voter roles appear to have quite a few inaccuracies. There is a need to collect more data and apply statistics to make sure that the process is functioning correctly and is accurate.

3. Re-evaluate early voting processes and locations per state statutes.

4. Employ state-of-the-art safeguards against vote manipulation by foreign governments.

5. Reduce voter fraud by fighting to initiate picture voter ID in Illinois.

Why I'm the best candidate: Working for Deere & Co. for 43 years, serving their customers, dealerships, factories globally, and also at Deere & Co. corporate headquarters, has given me the experience and skills to re-evaluate how the county clerk’s office functions.

I have supervised employees, developed and delivered training to diverse audiences and worldwide cultures. Working with labor unions at many locations was also a rewarding part of my career. While being employed by Deere & Co., I moved 13 times involving seven states. I have been active in all of the communities I lived in, which gave me the opportunity to work with, and create new friends and acquaintances.

Since living in Rock Island County, I am active in my church, Heritage, as a marriage mentor, member of the Praise Team, worker on the Funeral Meal Team and Meal Provision Team. I meet regularly with three different men’s groups; I work at the Jefferson School Food Pantry in Davenport twice a month; I am part of a team that holds a weekly church service at the Kewanee Life Skills Re-entry Center in Kewanee.

In addition to volunteering at Heritage, I also lead chapel Service at Christian Care once a month. I have been an active member in the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, the World Relief organization. I participate in the yearly “One Voice Christmas Celebration” at the TaxSlayer Center, and hold season tickets for the Quad-City Symphony. I meet weekly with the Ronald Reagan Breakfast Club.

As you can see, I am very actively involved in this community and I care about each and every person who makes this area their home.

I have lots of energy and a very strong work ethic which includes listening skills. Being a good listener is important to be able to properly understand needs and requests so an appropriate response can be given.

I can make a difference in Rock Island County government, and I will enjoy the challenge.


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