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'The result of runoff': Our series on Central Illinois farming

Illinois has some of the most valuable soil on earth. Fertilizers keep yields high. Now farmers are playing a crucial role in making sure our water remains safe. A look at our three-part series: "The result of runoff: What's being done to keep our water clean."

Watch now: Why Illinois is falling so short of curbing farm runoff

This is the final story in a three-part series of about the impact of farm runoff and the Central Illinois agriculture sector. 

Watch now: A balancing act for Central Illinois farmers and fertilizer usage

At the core of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy is a trade-off between practicing typical agricultural methods and protecting aquatic ecosystems within Illinois and outside of the larger 31-state Mississippi River basin. 


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Watch now: Tracing Lincoln's path across Central Illinois

The first part of the video drone series "Uniquely Illinois" looks at Abraham Lincoln's relationship to the land and people of the state.

Watch now: Police from across U.S. honor slain Central Illinois officer

Rows of police officers stood at parade rest waiting for the casket containing the earthly remains of Officer Chris Oberheim on Wednesday, patient and so silent that you could hear birds chirping in the trees surrounding Maranatha Assembly of God.

Watch now: Tributes for slain Champaign officer who began career in Decatur

Chris Oberheim impressed those who knew him with his sense of service, and just the way he lived his life. 

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