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1. In 1962 who was given five years' probation for selling fake draft cards that allowed university students to drink underage?

Gene Hackman, Tony Curtis, Robert Shaw, Nick Nolte

2. Whose movies included "Errand Boy", "Nutty Professor", "Disorderly Orderly", and "Big Mouth"?

Don Knotts, Jerry Lewis, Stan Laurel, Lou Costello

3. Considered the founder of modern medicine, who was called the "English Hippocrates"?

Peter Broyal, Thomas Sydenham, Richard Spiers, Deane Brown

4. What parallel tributary is prevented from joining the river because of high banks?

Oxbow, Brackish, Yazoo, Aquifer

5. Which older TV series was set in a small airfield waiting room on Nantucket?

Family Ties, Wings, Kate & Allie, Manimal

6. Of all the U.S. presidents who was perhaps the most accomplished horseman?

Washington, Grant, Coolidge, Reagan

7. About how many hours would it take a garden snail to go a mile?

4, 18, 23, 30

8. In the "Seinfeld" TV finale how long were the main characters sentenced?

30 days, 6 months, 1 year, Life

9. 6, 28, 496, and 8,126 are all what type of numbers?

Concept, Perfect, Prime, Fibonacci

10. What's a small cup for after-dinner coffee?

Shot, Jigger, Demitasse, Goblet

11. Where did the Hindenburg airship crash in 1937?

Germany, Canada, New Jersey, Maine

12. What's the Big Dipper known as in Great Britain?

Ladle, Surf, Harvest, Plough

13. How many playing cards are used in the game of pinochle?

24, 48, 52, 104

14. When did "Amos and Andy" make its NBC radio debut?

1929, 1934, 1938, 1944


1. Nick Nolte

2. Jerry Lewis

3. Thomas Sydenham

4. Yazoo

5. Wings

6. Grant

7. 30

8. 1 year

9. Perfect

10. Demitasse

11. New Jersey

12. Plough

13. 48

14. 1929

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